Success: It’s Personal, Not Just Business

Written by L. Wang

world_truesuccessTo many, success may mean fame and fortune.  It could also mean achieving a goal that was set.  Many corporations make monetary goals and have a team work together to achieve that goal. As people strive towards success they often say it’s just business, nothing personal, and sometimes hurt their interpersonal relationships along the way.  However, Jack Neufeld says that our efforts must be personal if we seek to make a difference in someone’s life. A successful CEO, Jack has discovered that true success is found in relationships and impacting people. Here are some principles he shared:

1. People are valuable

Fame and fortune will only leave you dissatisfied. When we realize that we are created and designed to have relationships, we see that life is always exciting. Dr. Clyde Narramore once said, “Every person is worth understanding.” This concept applies to the workplace in huge ways. Achieving something by throwing money at it (or him or her) can only get someone so far, while achieving a goal through establishing relationships can last a lifetime.

Each person we work with is a real person who is invaluable. Understanding the people we work with and spending time with them creates team synergy. One man cannot run a business by himself, and if he does, he is sure to fail. He needs to work with a team, and care for the members. When someone doesn’t care, they can try to hide it, but people can tell eventually. In the same way, when someone does care, it can be seen and is encouraging and empowering to the people around them.

2. Attitude affects success

Our attitude towards life and people can affect our success. When we take the time to know people for who they are, we begin to empathize with them and want what’s best for them. People are worth the time put into them. When we have an empathetic attitude towards people and start to understand where they are coming from, we meet them where they are—their needs, their talents and their vision. Our attitude in the workplace affects other people, and it’s contagious too. At the end of the day, it is the people we’ve influenced, touched, and come to truly care about that really keep us going.

3. Delegation expands capacity for success

jackneufeldsmIn organizing anything, whether it is a large event, a meeting, a project—whatever it is, an effective leader knows how to delegate. Delegation isn’t just the boss giving orders and telling people what to do. A great leader cares for the people he is delegating. He knows them: their strengths, weaknesses, needs and vision. He assigns them the tasks he knows they are capable of and gifted in. He empathizes with their needs and is there to encourage and empower when it is considered valuable. If he knows his team and has relationships with them, it is much easier for him to delegate and there is trust in each team member to get the task done.

4. Passion fuels success

Making a difference in the world seems so cliché these days. Well, in essence, everyone does make some sort of contribution, though the question is whether it’s a good one or not.

Making a difference means impacting people’s lives. Jack has a passion for helping  people in third world countries. He had the privilege of using his gifts in management, construction and architecture to start a company. This company in turn made the money possible for him to start The Jack Neufeld Family Charitable Foundation, which supports humanitarian endeavors worldwide by building houses for low income people, and improving healthcare, education and environmental conditions. Jack believes a man without passion is like a car without gas. Passion is the fuel that keeps us headed towards our destination.

5. Invest in your relationships

When it comes down to it, true success is what you want it to be. How many times has someone gained all the acclaims and money he can in the world and still felt unsuccessful? Success is about impacting people. It’s time to invest in people’s lives, whether it’s taking the time to truly care for people we work with, or making someone’s world just a bit better to live. When people are on their deathbed, they don’t regret not getting more education or making more money. One of the first things they regret is not investing more time in relationships. You may not see all the resources available at your fingertips, however, as you begin to focus on success being about influencing people, you will see that you can make a difference in the lives of those you interact with. This type of success has huge return on investment!

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