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    Planning and Time Management for Students On the Job

    The old adage reminds us that "People don't plan to fail but a lot of people do fail to plan." During a war, we find a tank operator and a general. Which function is more important? It is probably the general, at least in this sense. One can be the best tank operator on the line, get out there everyday and shoot off more rounds of ammunition... >Full Story

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    New Expectations and Realities of College

    by Brittany Roach When I moved from home to go to college, I wasn't sure what to expect. Long classes, big parties, new friends, and a boyfriend are what I thought I'd be finding. However, I found something different and far greater than these. The first week was incredibly hard. I missed my mom and my best friend. Being three hours away...... >Read More

    Memoirs of Midterm Madness

    Is it already mid-term time yet? It's always surprising, and a little alarming, how fast that fun little week sneaks up on you. One day you're trying to memorize your new class schedule, and the next you're writing an essay test on a subject you were entirely ignorant of just a few weeks ago. And you're not so sure... >Read More

    Study Skills: Lecture Hall Courses

    by Anik Singal In your lower level courses, you will usually find yourself in a lecture hall sharing your class time with anywhere from 50 (if you are lucky) to 1,000 other students. These types of general requirement courses needed in most majors are known to be very large. In my experience, I have found most students are excited about lecture...... >Read More

    Student laundry kit for college survival

    INGREDIENTS: your choice of laundry container (suggestions: hamper, basket, or bag) detergent bleach (optional) stain remover coin holder DIRECTIONS: Gather the detergent, bleach and stain remover. Place all items into the laundry hamper/basket/bag. Whatever laundry container you choose will serve you as an appropriate and quick...... >Read More

    Making Sense of Money Basics

    Every day, we face decisions about money: how to earn and spend it, save and invest it. While countless books, videos, and seminars offer a flood of advice, financial success is really about mastering three fundamental principles. 1. Live Within Your Means As someone quipped, "Why do we spend money we don't have, to buy things we don't need, to...... >Read More

    Recipe for Basic Laundry

    INGREDIENTS: Dirty clothes Detergent Dryer sheets WASHING: Recommended: Separate light and dark clothes. Although the colors shouldn t run together in cold water, bright red shirts have occasionally been rumored to transform white underwear into pink ones. Pour detergent into washer, amount according to the size of the laundry load-specific...... >Read More

    Art Gallery Etiquette: Art Appreciation How to for Students

    For many college and university students, the opportunity to go someplace to appreciate some of the finest work by this world's finest artists is an absolute joy. For others, however it is a perplexing and unrewarding experience. Here are some common questions answered in order to provide some perspective on what makes going to the gallery so...... >Read More

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