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    The Vital Dimension of Sex: Sexuality and Spirituality

    Powerful emotional factors can make it difficult for singles to wait or to stop. A longing to be close to someone or a yearning to express love can generate intense desires for physical intimacy. Many singles today want to wait but lack inner strength or self esteem. They may fear losing love if they postpone sex. Often sex brings emptiness rather... >Full Story

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    Getting to Know Jesus

    Choosing to submit your life to God is the most significant decision you can ever make. This choice involves more than simple intellectual agreement that Jesus is God and that He died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins. Becoming a Christian also requires that you commit the rest of your life to God, to do... >Read More

    Student Profile: Stuff About Amy

    my major | college life | who I am | my spirituality Choosing my area of study: >I kept changing my major back and forth. I loved biology in high school so I wanted to be a doctor. Then I switched to biochemistry, but I couldn't handle the chemistry, so I went back to biology. It can be tough... >Read More

    Chuck's Thoughts on Life and Spirituality

    who I am | my spiritual story A little about me: >My dream job would be to be a volleyball coach by day and a Broadway singer by night. >A dream I hope to see realized one day is to finish the works of Marcel Proust. > If I could meet anyone past or present, it would have to be... >Read More

    Student Profile: Mike

    Mike on university life | random Mike FAQs | digging deeper | growing up in an alcoholic home | spirituality Mike on University Life: University was a great time for me to come into my own. I had lots of fun! I remember thinking there are 16,000 students on campus and at least 8,000 are women, so I should never have... >Read More

    Student Profile: Ral search for identity

    spirituality | drug use | personality Spiritual Snapshot: Drugs and the acceptance of others In high school, I went to various parties, experimented with drugs and made some bad relationship choices. I even started selling drugs. I was looking for somewhere to belong socially. I wanted independence from my parents, to find personality,...... >Read More

    Malia's Story: Small Town Struggles

    Malia's Spiritual Journey: >I used to think that God and Jesus were just figures that were up in heaven watching us. They weren't really a part of my life except for when I needed them. I was in control of my life; I relied on myself to change and make things in my life better. I always thought there was... >Read More

    Student Profile: Paul

    an engineer's perspective | preparation | random facts Is being a 'good person' enough to get you to heaven?: >Right from the start, my family has been instrumental in the formation of my values. They taught me to maintain a high moral standard. Other than that, roommates and friends in university have challenged me to maintain...... >Read More

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