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    Is Racism Natural?

    There was a video on CNN yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t footage from Thailand, or election coverage.  It is a video of a little 5 year old girl  sitting in front of an image of 5 cartoon children. The children are all wearing the same dress and the same expression, only the color of their skin is different.  An interviewer... >Full Story

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    Are You a Good Tease?

    If someone teases you and you are hurt by it who is at fault? Is it your fault for “not being able to laugh at yourself” or for “always taking things too seriously”? Or is it the fault of the teaser? Have they tried to be funny and only succeeded in being mean.  Is saying “I didn’t mean it... >Read More

    Trying to Answer the Why?

    We've all asked “why?” at some point or another.  Chris Keith has been asking why for most of his life. He was 12 years old when his grandparents decided he was old enough to know the truth.  His whole family - his parents and his older brother Mikey - did not die in a car accident as he has been... >Read More

    See the World: Volunteer!

    If your idea of the perfect holiday involves fresh air, gorgeous views and incredible food, a working holiday at an organic farm might be just what you’re looking for. I know, I know, work doesn’t sound very restful, but if you have a job that keeps you inside, seated at a desk most of the year, you might be surprised... >Read More

    Student Profile: Mike

    Mike on university life | random Mike FAQs | digging deeper | growing up in an alcoholic home | spirituality Mike on University Life: University was a great time for me to come into my own. I had lots of fun! I remember thinking there are 16,000 students on campus and at least 8,000 are women, so I should never have... >Read More

    Erika's Thoughts on Family and Spirituality

    my family | my faith The importance of family: >Family has been an important part of my life. Maybe even too important. Growing up, I did my best to obey my parents, thinking that if I was good, my family would be all right. I thought that doing good things like obeying them would be what would get me into... >Read More

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