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    Who was Jesus?

    Back in the middle ages, a philosopher pointed out something very interesting about Jesus Christ. He phrased his point like this: "Jesus was either God or a bad man." The argument gets its starting point from the claims that Jesus made about himself. Jesus clearly equated himself with God, the Creator of the universe. Jesus said that to know him... >Full Story

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    Shermeen: Making an Impact

    Shermeen's Path to the Only Satisfying Relationship: >I used to think that my purpose and life was just about being good, doing good, and making a positive impact in people’s lives. Then one day my brother suggested life might be about worshipping God. When I look back on my life now, that is totally my purpose. It’s a simple phrase...... >Read More

    Student Profile: Mike

    Mike on university life | random Mike FAQs | digging deeper | growing up in an alcoholic home | spirituality Mike on University Life: University was a great time for me to come into my own. I had lots of fun! I remember thinking there are 16,000 students on campus and at least 8,000 are women, so I should never have... >Read More

    Student Profile: Ral search for identity

    spirituality | drug use | personality Spiritual Snapshot: Drugs and the acceptance of others In high school, I went to various parties, experimented with drugs and made some bad relationship choices. I even started selling drugs. I was looking for somewhere to belong socially. I wanted independence from my parents, to find personality,...... >Read More

    Wing's Thoughts on Life and Spirituality

    about Wing | thoughts on spirituality Who I am: >To me, just being myself means being able to trust someone. When I'm with people I can trust, I can debate all kinds of questions, joke about life, or try funny accents! >I began thinking about my life purpose during Senior High and the beginning of university. Everybody needs to answer...... >Read More

    Malia's Story: Small Town Struggles

    Malia's Spiritual Journey: >I used to think that God and Jesus were just figures that were up in heaven watching us. They weren't really a part of my life except for when I needed them. I was in control of my life; I relied on myself to change and make things in my life better. I always thought there was... >Read More

    Discovering a Meaningful Purpose in Life:

    My Spiritual Journey: >Throughout high school, I relied on myself and my friends to be happy, believing that if I fulfilled my life goals by pursuing success in all things and surrounded myself with enough people, I would be happy and secure. >As a child I'd hear people say, "God loves you", never understanding the significance...... >Read More

    Success With a Purpose

    My Spiritual Journey: >At school, we are sometimes bogged with homework, assignments, reports, etc.....leading to information overload. That is what I felt when I was in school....but I found that whenever I felt like throwing in the towel, and giving it all up, God gave me the strength to endure just a little bit more. Now that look back at...... >Read More

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