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    Finding Some Peace on Earth

    "Silent night, Holy night. All is calm, all is bright..." The carols try to tell us that this is a calm and silent time of year. But for most of us, the weeks leading up to Christmas can be anything but calm. You know the drill: office parties, shopping, baking, wrapping, relatives, Christmas plays and everyone's favorite - family pictures. It's... >Full Story

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    Life Snapshot > Meet Rahim

    A Way to Escape > I grew up with depression, anger and bitterness. I had many issues with my family and my culture. I come from a family with an Ismaili religious background. There were a lot of problems in my family and I reacted in violence against these problems. At school I liked to pick fights. I seem to... >Read More

    Being Single: A Different Kind of Freedom

    There are more than enough top 10 lists out there pointing out the benefits of being single. The pros of why being without a mate produces all these side effects that beg to be recognized. You know the ones I’m talking about. Sometimes they come off sympathetic, some patronizing, some like propaganda, and often times far from genuine. It wasn’t...... >Read More

    College Life: A Time for Resolutions

    January 1. A time when resolutions are made. A time of hope that we will actually see some changes made in our lives. Two or three months later, the hope is dead. The resolutions have been broken. Most of us are resolution breakers. Yet we pledge year after year to effect major changes in our lives. December has become a month... >Read More

    Thanksgiving Thoughts: Practicing Gratitude

    Have you ever thought of yourself as a poor or starving student? In our student days it is perhaps easier to remember our lack of money or things. It is easy to take a look around and be disappointed. As a student, the "lack of" in our lives can make it easier to want things even more, especially when we live... >Read More

    Best Friend

    "Best friend" can sound like a silly, childish term to many people. It conjures up images of playground arguments between little girls, but it is a term that is dear to my heart. I met Jocelyn in 1974, in Mrs. Ball's kindergarten class. I was four years old and she was five. Over the course of a year spent huddled... >Read More

    The Vital Dimension of Sex: Sexuality and Spirituality

    Powerful emotional factors can make it difficult for singles to wait or to stop. A longing to be close to someone or a yearning to express love can generate intense desires for physical intimacy. Many singles today want to wait but lack inner strength or self esteem. They may fear losing love if they postpone sex. Often sex brings emptiness... >Read More

    Who was Jesus?

    Back in the middle ages, a philosopher pointed out something very interesting about Jesus Christ. He phrased his point like this: "Jesus was either God or a bad man." The argument gets its starting point from the claims that Jesus made about himself. Jesus clearly equated himself with God, the Creator of the universe. Jesus said that to know him...... >Read More

    Talk to Someone

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