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    Reality Bytes: Seeking Real Connection in a Virtual World

    There has been a change of screenery. People have shifted from spending time on the front porch and peering through screen doors to staring at computer screens, television screens and cell phone screens. The ushering in of recent modern technologies has undoubtedly brought with it a shift in people’s priorities. As a recent Communications... >Full Story

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    Facebook: Why all the love?

    Gone are the days of smoke signals, telegrams, typewriters and rotary dial phones. These forms of communication are practically prehistoric in comparison to the tools of communication defining this generation, namely Mark Zuckerberg’s little invention: Facebook. In the four short years since it’s inception Facebook has taken over like the...... >Read More

    Power To Change

    My father was a closet alcoholic and suffered from depression. He was in and out of the psychiatric ward in the hospital. If my mother happened to go away to the city for a couple of days, we would be left alone with him. I remember many times being at home, alone on the farm with my sister, wondering... >Read More

    How can I get over a heart ache?

    How do you get over a heart ache? I know they say time heals all wounds but who needs time when you're heart broken? How do you get over an ex- boyfriend when you have to face him practically everyday? It just hurts to see a love that was once there but is not there now. We used to... >Read More

    The Bible's Story: God's Love Restoring Relationship

    The Bible is a drama that tells the story of life -- and life is made meaningful by relationships. Quite simply, the Bible is a book about relationships. A story of relationships At its core, the Bible offers wisdom for relationships and life. Through narratives, historical records, letters, poetry and songs, the Bible offers guidance on how...... >Read More

    Jackie's Thoughts on Spirituality

    overcoming hurt | misconceiving God | my faith in university My high school experience: >As stereotypical as it may sound, I was painfully trying to find acceptance in the popular crowd in high school. I tried subtlety changing my attitude, behavior and appearance to conform to the group I wished to please. Eventually I came to see that...... >Read More

    Shermeen: Making an Impact

    Shermeen's Path to the Only Satisfying Relationship: >I used to think that my purpose and life was just about being good, doing good, and making a positive impact in people’s lives. Then one day my brother suggested life might be about worshipping God. When I look back on my life now, that is totally my purpose. It’s a simple phrase...... >Read More

    Celeste's Thoughts on Spirituality

    my faith | how I changed My spiritual journey: >I used to be mainly interested in boys and relationships with boys. I also liked school, volunteering, and sports. Because I was so interested in boys and their approval of me, I made a lot of bad relationship decisions. I got involved sexually at an early age. >Growing up going to...... >Read More

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