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Written by QuentinF

December 13, 2013

Calling Christians

Christianity and the local church are facing incredible challenges in the 21st Century.  As the western world is rapidly moving towards a post-Christian era, the Christian faith is losing cultural traction.  Church growth has plateaued, the Body of Christ suffers disunity and remaining Christians are uninspired to share the gospel.

It’s time to call our nation to be centered on Jesus – to inspire Christians back to active engagement with our world.  We need to raise up and activate the innovative, spiritual voice of this generation.  No one person can accomplish this, so the committed disciple must multiply his/her spiritual impact by inspiring others. We call this “inspiring multiplication.”

Inspiring Multiplication

Power to Change’s unifying vision, The Life Project, inspires spiritual multiplication by increasing Christians’ commitment to Jesus Christ and giving them contemporary approaches to evangelism.  Simply put: to be available to God anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.

We long to see Canadian men and women mobilized to live out The Life commitment, catalyzing a movement that will help change the spiritual direction of Canada and guide one million people towards relationship with Jesus.  We need you to join us in this battle.  Can you imagine what would happen in our communities, our government, our businesses, our schools, and our workplaces if Christ-followers truly lived out this challenge?  Would you be 1 of 100,000 to reach 1 million Canadians for Jesus Christ?

What did The Life Project accomplish in 2013?

The Lion’s Den

Of special note, The Life Project Global Conference 2013 was held in Vancouver in October, gathering together community, ministry and business leaders from around the world.  The highlight of the weekend was the Lions’ Den; an exciting, interactive event modeled after television’s Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank.  The Lions’ Den is designed to inspire the creative, innovative Christian voice of this generation.  The spotlight shone on 11 of the most cutting-edge evangelistic projects under development in the world today.  Throughout the weekend, enthusiastic representatives from Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East presented their innovative ministry ideas.  The proposal projects included:

Accelerating Multiplication (Power to Change – Canada)
Accelerating Multiplication provides churches with a powerful digital strategy tool that uses a felt-need approach to connect searching people with the local church.  It also equips Christians to share their faith with people in their community and around the world.

CODEX – The Discipleship Experience (Top Mission – France)
Imagine a multilingual platform where Christian organizations and teachers could place their best content and make disciples – this is CODEX. This platform will reach users from all around the world. They could easily apply what they learn and experience being changed into active and multiplying disciples of Christ. CODEX will stimulate the spiritual transformation of those who make a commitment into disciples of Jesus.

E-Missionaries (Life Agape Intl. – North Africa/Middle East)
The goal of our project in NAME is to recruit and train 5,000 internet missionaries in online correspondence within 2 years.  Religious persecution and the lack of freedom of Christians in NAME mean that, unlike in the West, access to Christian materials and Christian relationships is extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible.  The internet provides opportunities to overcome these barriers of restriction and isolation.

#Falling Plates (CRU – United States)
The #FallingPlates video is a four minute Gospel message with viral momentum.  #FallingPlates communicates through a series of visual metaphors: creation, the fall, Christ’s coming and resurrection, redemption, and our salvation. Once a visitor watches an evangelistic product, such as #FallingPlates, the follow up engine will direct visitors to content and community based on their response.

The File Zero (Agape – Spain)
The File Zero Project gets into the world of teens – a difficult generation to reach.  A high quality animated short film series tells a futurist story of young rebels searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.  We are developing tools and strategy to use these episodes in Spain and beyond.  Our goal is to equip youth to be spiritual change agents through sharing the gospel in a culturally relevant way and discipling new believers in their faith.

iServe (Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ – Thailand)
iServe is a movement to mobilize and multiply believers in Thailand through nationwide concert/training events, local church ministry teams, social media and national networks.  iServe will envision, train and send out 50,000 of Thailand’s next generation Christians to grow as disciples of Christ, share their faith and multiply their impact.

Jesus Daily (Jesus Daily – United States)
Our idea is to give Christians who are engaged with Jesus Daily a tool on their smartphone, encouraging and assisting them to share their faith.   A smartphone app provides believers an incredible tool to assist in engaging friends, family and contacts with the gospel.

LikeJesus: My Spiritual Navigator (Agape – Netherlands)
All visitors of Jesus.net websites (20+ languages), who make a commitment to Jesus ask: What is my next step? Just imagine giving them a spiritual navigator: an app that helps them daily in following Jesus.

LikeJesus is this navigator and gives them multiple times a day suggestions, based on their current spiritual position. As all people carry their mobile app with them all the time, this will help them to adjust their track everywhere they go. It will help them in a natural way to follow Jesus and to inspire others to do the same.

 Life Harvest (CRU – United States)
Working with Internet professionals, Life Harvest will implement an integrated Internet marketing strategy, including organic search, paid search, banner advertising, email marketing and social media. All digital platforms (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) will be targeted with focus on mobile and tablet applications. Analytics will perfect tactics and ensure continual improvement. 

Multiplication Pathway (Power to Change – Canada)
Multiplication Pathway is a resource curriculum that will accelerate students toward multiplication. The goal is to test, refine and deliver this pathway through Expedition Teams. Expedition Teams will provide a pioneering opportunity to entrepreneurial students, compelling their hearts to launch movements in Canada and partner nations around the world. The Multiplication Pathway will call students to an unqualified commitment to Jesus and equip them to multiply their faith over a lifetime.

MyStory.ME (Campus für Christus – Switzerland)
Personal stories are more relevant than ever to the post-modern generation. MyStory.me personalizes the Four Spiritual Laws, combining a highly individualized story with a Gospel presentation.

Young Believers are constantly online, sharing their lives virtually. This tool helps them share how Christ is working in their lives with eternal impact! Authors share through social media and invite others to their story directly. Being able to invite friends and new contacts to view a personal page or create their own is both an essential and unique selling point that leads to multiplication.

The Judges

When the presenters finally met the Lions’ Den judges onstage, $500,000 of the Lions’ personal investment was divided among the proposals.  The judge panel included:

Reg Allatt
CEO and founder of Global Excel Management, specializing in managing health care emergencies for foreigners in the USA.

Lorna Dueck
Host and executive producer of Context with Lorna Dueck, and president of Media Voice Generation.

Scott Edwards
President of Greenhouse Delight Foods Inc. in Abbotsford, BC.

Greg Leith
Director of Strategic Alliances & Corporate Relations at Biola University, southern California.

Don Simmonds
Chairman of the Crossroads Communications Board of Directors.

Guests were invited to participate in the investment, significantly increasing the amount of support each team received.  We praise God for this outpouring of both generousity and creativity.  I am confident these innovative young leaders have been empowered to impact millions for Jesus Christ.

Camaraderie Among Competitors

One of the most exciting outcomes from this conference was the number of partnerships formed between different proposal projects.  A beautiful spirit of common purpose marked the weekend as each team expressed their passion for maximum spiritual impact.  This unity in vision led naturally into practical, collaborative initiatives between projects.  Each leader was inspired by how much more they could accomplish, how many more they could reach, by pooling resources.  No one who attended the weekend could help but be moved by this theme of camaraderie among the competing projects.  The Lions’ Den Judges wisely identified this spirit of unity as key to fulfilling the Great Commission.  Representatives from each project will be travelling to France in Spring 2014 to continue collaborative efforts.

Check out The Life Project Global Conference 2013 highlights.

Shortly after, The Life simultaneously launched a number of major projects on November 4, 2013.  Highlights were TheLife.com and the Treasure series:

TheLife.com Web Hub

The extensively upgrade website for The Life (http://thelife.com) is built around the concept of “challenge to action,” designed to help participants become activists.  As ministry partners contribute content to TheLife.com, participants will receive The Life challenges tailored to partners’ content – inspiring participants towards action.

  • 335 people have registered their commitment to serve Jesus anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.
  • These can be added to the 4,107 who had previously made this commitment in other ways, bringing The Life core membership to 4,442.

The Life.com is a web hub where participants can access challenges, daily devotions, and series while engaging a spiritual community.

  • Challenges – Action-focused spiritual challenges
  • Daily Devotions – Devotions to help you kick-start your day
  • Series – Story-based, themed series of challenges

Treasure: Jesus is Worth Everything


Treasure is a seven-week study series recently released to the public. This story-based, discovery-based, and obedience-based study series effectively communicates to believers why reaching out to others with the gospel is so important.

  • Treasure has 90 minutes of high quality, emotionally-connecting video divided into six lessons that dramatizes the great value of knowing and sharing Jesus with others.
  • Small groups and a number of churches have begun to use Treasure. The feedback has been highly positive.


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