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Photo by NAUD/ (Flickr CC) “You look stressed,” my chiropractor’s receptionist said as I scheduled my next appointment. I barely made it out the door to my car before my face was seized by emotion, my lungs packed with air. Apparently she hit a nerve. I was stressed. In fact, that’s why I was at the chiropractor’s in […] Read More >

When Lillian Tarvudd joined DRIME 14 years ago, she had no idea it would lead her to this... Read More >

What if we could strengthen marriages, reduce divorce rates and increase faith in Jesus Christ? We can, and you can help. Read More >

What if you could empower DRIME team members and help make Jesus inescapable on street corners all over the world? Read More >

Jo Ann always thought she knew how her life was going to turn out. But when things started spinning out of control, she learned that God's plan is so much better than any she could make. Read More >

Everyone has issues, and so we all need Jesus. The Life Project has launched a new mentoring initiative to reach people in mentoring specifically where they are struggling. Read More >

People are hungry to be ministered to. They are seeking for spiritual encouragement. Who will be there to give it to them? Read More >

A group of business and political leaders from Canada and the US travel to Panama to make connections, share the gospel, and ultimately transform their own lives. Read More >

On May 22 2014, Leonard Buhler informed the staff at Power to Change HQ of some important changes in leadership. Read More >

What do 28 people from Canada, Thailand, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Benin, and Togo all have in common? What could bring people of such diverse backgrounds together in the remote, almost forgotten town of Gramado, Brazil? What could send them on the streets of nearby Puerto Alegre and engage passersby in spiritual conversations in spite of the language barrier? Read More >

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