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Do you crave destiny? (Part 1)

Do you crave destiny? Have you experienced failure in the last month? The last week? Today? Sometimes you know deep down God has something amazing He wants to do in your life ... but it still seems elusive. Your life seems to lack destiny ... and aimlessness can sometimes lead to apathy and lack of purpose. But you were not made for these things;... >Full Story

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Image courtesy of courosa via photopin cc I just read an article on the spirituality of social media. Technology has definitely transformed the way we interact with each other in society. After all, when we meet someone new at a party, a friend request on Facebook faithfully follows. The same phenomenon happens in the business world (just replace...... >Read More

True commitment makes true love possible.

Not too long ago, I had the incredible honor of officiating at my son Mark’s wedding.  Whenever you’re a wedding guest, you’re likely to spend a few moments thinking about the nature of love and commitment.  This time, being the person up front conducting the ceremony as my eldest son pledged his life and future to his bride, I... >Read More

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