Lessons from Brazil in Mobile Evangelism

Written by Tom Gage

June 9, 2014

DRIME Base LeadersWhat do 28 people from Canada, Thailand, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Benin, and Togo all have in common? What could bring people of such diverse backgrounds together in the remote, almost forgotten town of Gramado, Brazil? What could send them on the streets of nearby Porto Alegre and engage people in spiritual conversations in spite of the language barrier?

If DRIME had a secret motto, it would probably be unity through diversity. For its members, DRIME is one big, crazy family, and like most families, there are several things that are common to them whether they are from Brazil, Togo, Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, Paraguay, Benin or Canada:

  1. They know how to Tim Tam Slam
  2. They love a good game of Dutch Blitz
  3. They speak in abbrevs even if they actually end up making words longer
  4. They are passionate about making Jesus inescapable on the streets of the world



Contrary to popular belief, DRIME does not stand for “drama” and “mime” (DRama+mIME?DRIME[1]). It is an acronym (hence always entirely capitalized) for Disciples Ready In Mobile Evangelization.

Somebody who does DRIME is a DRIMER but the plural of DRIMER is DRIMERs. A band of DRIMERs in an area is a DRIME team and they perform dramas, not drimes (or DRIMES), never mimes. There are DRIME bases (international home bases from which operations in that country originate) and DRIME chapters (the local DRIME teams) and there is one thing that unites all of these lovely people: the powerful, universal, timeless message of the cross.

This message has ignited in each of them a passion to flock to the streets of the world and tell the story of Jesus Christ.


DRIME Paraguay on the streets

DRIMERS performing on the streets of Paraguay

Founded in 1994 in a small dorm room in the smaller Northwest Bible College, DRIME boasts a formula that combines evangelism with street drama performance that can be carried to public squares, small alleyways, popular parks, church buildings, and performance halls. At its most basic element, all you need is a boom box. The dramas present moving tableaux that break language barriers and share the message of the gospel in powerful, unique and relevant ways.

Every Friday night, a team of DRIMERs would go downtown to the streets of Vancouver and set up camp on the steps of the art gallery on Robson Street, one of the busiest and most popular streets of the city, where they performed for several hours, sparking spiritual conversation. If all passersby get is a single glimpse, hopefully they will have etched in their minds the single question, “Who is the One in White?”

From very early on, DRIME was committed to equipping the Church to using their dramas, holding “workshops” first in the Lower Mainland, next across Canada, and before long internationally. As the ministry continued to grow, DRIME’s mission became international.


Today, there are eight DRIME bases around the world and fourteen chapters.

“When we started praying for future DRIME bases over the map, I opened my eyes to see the people around. I could see that each person around me was representing one country and this made me very happy.” – Richard, DRIME Paraguay

From March 23-31 2014, leaders from every base gathered in a little Brazilian town called Gramado to answer the questions “Where can we spread?” and “How can we do that?” This was the ministry’s second Base Leaders Summit. In total, 28 leaders from 8 different countries speaking 6 different languages were able to attend. Janna Cressman, DRIME’s Director of Global Operations, explains: “We wanted to align ourselves with God, align ourselves with each other, and align ourselves with the ministry.”

Covering a wide range of topics, from simple logistics most of the leaders never had access to (fundraising, budgeting, time management…), to leadership training (understanding the leadership pipeline, personality assessment…) to ministry training (vision, drama training, follow up guide…).

The week was designed to empower DRIME’s leaders in their ministry, to provide them resources to thrive individually and to grow as leaders, and to inspire them to dream and fulfill Vision 20:20. Check out some highlights of the week.

Vision 20:20 consists of empowering base leaders to become spiritual multipliers and launch 20 new chapters by 2020. Since the previous leadership Summit in 2012, already eight new chapters have been added. Vision 20:20 is not about growing DRIME’s ministry. It’s about making Jesus inescapable on every street corner around the world.

28 leaders, 14 cities, 8 countries, but one ministry, one vision, one message that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ — this is unity through diversity.


And so must conclude this very brief curriculum on DRIME. Let me wrap up by saying, DRIMERs are some of the most friendly, wonderful people you will ever meet. Knowing one will enrich your life. They love to be contacted, liked, and followed. If you would like a socioeconomics lesson on DRIME, please click here.


[1] We realize this is math in a grammar lesson and for that we are profoundly sorry

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