Written by Tom Gage

June 9, 2014

On Thursday, May 22 2014, Power to Change president Leonard Buhler announced to the organization’s staff that the time had come for him to begin his transition from the organization’s leadership into a support role. “After a season of prayer,” Buhler stated, “[my wife] Debbie and I have advised the Board [of Directors] that the time has come to hand the baton to the next leader who will take Power to Change into the next leg of the race. Christian leadership is like a relay race. To maximize the impact and success of the team, leaders pass on the baton in full stride to the next runner.”

With the announcement, the Board partnered with the Hutchinson Group to lead an internal and external search for the next leader with the hopes to complete the baton handoff within the next 12 months. “Until that time,” says Buhler, “I am committed to lead Power to Change with the same focus and vision as when I started. My passion for the Great Commission and my total commitment to Jesus have not changed in any way.”

In 2003, Buhler, his wife Debbie, and their children together signed the contract accepting the position, a powerful statement that they were taking on the duties and responsibilities as a family. An innovative and entrepreneurial president, Buhler pushed the organization and its ministries towards cutting edge, relevant, and creative strategies and he notably spearheaded the name change from Campus for Christ Canada to Power to Change in 2007.

Janet Fierbach, the director of the women’s ministry WHEN, has been involved with Power to Change for the past 36 years. She remembers the first speech Buhler gave at the organization’s staff conference in 2004 where he stated that he had come to lead the charge for the souls of Canada. “It was a very inspiring moment, but also a very solemn moment,” she says. “You could tell that he was very clear that there was a battle to be fought and that he had been called to do it.”

“When it comes to sharing his faith, Leonard does what he asks others to do.”

Leonard Buhler spent the first thirty years of his career in agriculture, continuously expanding and developing operations. “As an entrepreneur,” he says, “I like the wild and crazy ride of risk and adventure. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are fun for me.” Deeply committed to his Christian faith, Leonard started to give his time to Campus Crusade for Christ Canada, directing one of their major campaigns in Manitoba and serving on the national board of directors from 2001 to 2003 when he was offered the president’s seat.

Buhler’s passion for evangelism and his radical commitment to placing Jesus Christ at the centre of his life were instrumental in his leadership at Power to Change. “Leonard leads by example,” says Board Chair Hugh Little. “When it comes to sharing his faith, he does what he asks others to do.” And there was one thing he consistently asked others to do: share the Gospel.

As God leads him to a time of Sabbath, Buhler will do what he has done so well at Power to Change: take a step of faith into the unknown, trust God to guide his steps, and enjoy the ride.


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