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Do you crave destiny? (Part 1)

Do you crave destiny? Have you experienced failure in the last month? The last week? Today? Sometimes you know deep down God has something amazing He wants to do in your life ... but it still seems elusive. Your life seems to lack destiny ... and aimlessness can sometimes lead to apathy and lack of purpose. But you were not made for these things;... >Full Story

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The Power of a Changed Life

Seeing lives changed is what inspires Leonard Buhler the most about his calling in ministry. The driving passion for the president of Power to Change is being part of an organization that changes peoples’ lives. From ministries like The Life that encourage believers to step out and share their faith, to meeting an online mentor who led someone...... >Read More

AFTERSHOCK: an Update from Haiti

After a massive 6.1 aftershock rocked Port-au-Prince once again this week, we received an urgent message from our Canadian GAiN staff in Haiti. "After spending the past 5 days seeing, feeling and smelling the destruction and massive loss of life from the earthquake just over one week ago, I am deeply moved. I realized that I would never have made...... >Read More

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