Stories of Change

Are you not sure what to give up this year for Lent? Here are five options to get you thinking. Read More >

What if we could strengthen marriages, reduce divorce rates and increase faith in Jesus Christ? We can, and you can help. Read More >

What if you could empower DRIME team members and help make Jesus inescapable on street corners all over the world? Read More >

Jo Ann always thought she knew how her life was going to turn out. But when things started spinning out of control, she learned that God's plan is so much better than any she could make. Read More >

Everyone has issues, and so we all need Jesus. The Life Project has launched a new mentoring initiative to reach people in mentoring specifically where they are struggling. Read More >

People are hungry to be ministered to. They are seeking for spiritual encouragement. Who will be there to give it to them? Read More >

We live in a world that is obsessed with change. But there is only one source of real change. Read More >

They say, “children are our future,” but one cannot neglect the current generation of young people who attend our country’s universities and colleges. Who will be there for them? In a world of constantly changing and competing values, or lack thereof, students more than ever need to have wisdom, a sense of direction in life, […] Read More >

Christianity and the local church are facing incredible challenges in the 21st Century. As the western world is rapidly moving towards a post-Christian era, the Christian faith is losing cultural traction. Church growth has plateaued, the Body of Christ suffers disunity and remaining Christians are uninspired to share the gospel. Read More >

Shelly and Lenore met Sue one night at our community centre outreach dinner. Sue mentioned her plan to travel to the interior soon by bus, and Shelly offered to pray for her. The prayers included not only a good trip, but open doors and guidance at her destination and deliverance from the results of some poor choices in her life. Read More >

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