Experiencing the Vision

Written by Jennifer Penner

February 26, 2014

They say, “children are our future,” but one cannot neglect the current generation of young people who attend our country’s universities and colleges. Who will be there for them?

In a world of constantly changing and competing values, or lack thereof, students more than ever need to have wisdom, a sense of direction in life, and real hope. They need to be met where they are – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Meeting this great need is what Power to Change – Students is all about. Its vision is that no student graduates without engaging with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. After all, it is a message that transforms hearts, campuses, and nations.

Sharing the vision with others who want to see students come to know Christ and experience the hope and joy He brings is key to enabling P2C – Students to continue bringing this message year after year.

In multiple cities and provinces across Canada, for the past several years, a unique event has taken place that celebrates what the ministry is doing while building relationships and connections among believers with a similar passion for reaching students.

“A Fellowship Dinner is an evening that is all about celebration and encouragement,” says Graham Watt, National Creative Communications Director, P2C – Students. “There are three major purposes we want to accomplish: first, to encourage the Body of Christ by sharing what the ministry is doing across campuses; second, to explain the vision of P2C – Students, what we’ve been doing, and what we will do; and third, to provide an opportunity for people to partner with us.”

In 2014, there are 16 Fellowship Dinners planned, including one in Montreal and one in Quebec that will be hosted in French. From coast to coast, thousands of people can participate in an event that celebrates changed lives and stirs a passion for the advancement of the gospel on university campuses in Canada.

It all starts with an invitation to enjoy a free evening of fine dining in a formal setting where guests can fellowship and ultimately get a picture of what God is doing on campuses through testimonies, speakers and videos.

One guest describes the Fellowship Dinner as, “the best place where we tell the story of how God is working in the lives of students through our ministry. The cause of helping students discover Jesus is very noble. I’m excited about what God is doing in the lives of students, and I think it is a noble thing to invite other people to an event where they can experience that vision for themselves.”

Consider attending a Fellowship Dinner for an evening of inspiration and encouragement. To attend a dinner near you, go to www.p2c.sh/fellowshipdinner.

To read more about an evening that celebrates changed lives, see An Invitation to Dream: What if every student’s story was like Evan’s?

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