Stories of Change

In the heart of our city, in a neighbourhood where families face many financial and personal challenges, stands a very special school. With about one-third of its students being refugees and many others living with a single parent, you can imagine that a good number of the children have very little experience with being read to at home. Read More >

Is there a future for marriage in a society where a once esteemed institution has been devalued, divorce is all too common, and families are torn apart? Christ-centred marriages In a society with a roughly 50% divorce rate, FamilyLife passionately believes that wholesome, long-lasting marriages can only truly happen when God is at the centre. […] Read More >

Power to Change – Students is all about helping students discover Jesus. We long for the day when no student graduates without engaging in the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. This fall, as hundreds of thousands of first year students set foot on university campuses across the country for the first time, God was working to make this vision a reality. Read More >

Welcome to the first edition of the new Power to Change newsletter! I am thrilled to introduce this newsletter as a way to share with you the impact Power to Change and our ministries are having in Canada and around the world. It is my prayer that you would be encouraged and blessed by the […] Read More >

Salamonde rises at dawn. She quietly slips away from her home, leaving her husband and four young children to go and fetch water for the day. As she nears the stream by her village, she isn’t alone. There are dozens of women and children at the water’s edge, waiting to fill their metal basins with […] Read More >

A Challenge for Christians Christianity and the local church are facing incredible challenges in the 21st Century.  As the western world is rapidly moving towards a post-Christian era, the Christian faith is losing cultural traction.  Church growth has plateaued, the Body of Christ suffers disunity and remaining Christians are uninspired to share the gospel. It’s […] Read More >

In December 2009, Hugh Olson was told that his wife, Claudia, had only months to live. She was suffering from an extremely rare liver problem that had no cure. Together, they made a list of 12 life goals to meet, and over the next 12 months, they accomplished every one of them. Then after 55 […] Read More >

“Eye-opening” and transformational is how Daniel Jeong describes his experience with Athletes in Action (AIA) Soccer. The 28-year-old Trinity Western University student from South Korea spent his summer as an intern with AIA’s Soccer Division, one of the many opportunities offered to young athletes who want to make a difference in their lives, and in […] Read More >

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all worship something. It becomes the main thing we live for and base our identity on. For some, it’s wealth, their job, their family or simply, themselves. For many athletes, it’s their sport. Twenty-four-year-old university student, Lindsey Bergevin, experienced the overwhelming pressure to excel […] Read More >

“We’re just ordinary people who have been blessed,” says former NHL player and President of the Abbotsford Heat, Ryan Walters. “We have an opportunity through that blessing to share God’s love, that’s it.” For a successful sports celebrity, this isn’t a typical response to the question, what does it mean to live a life of significance? […] Read More >

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