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5 Steps to Loving Someone You Don’t Really Like

  Sometimes I look at the perfect, selfless love of Jesus and feel like a total failure. I could say, “Hey, look, I’m no Jesus; God doesn’t expect that kind of love to come from me!” Or does He? Here’s the kicker. We’re not off the hook just because we’re human. Jesus commands us to […] Read More >

A Garden, a Courtyard and a Hill

The final few hours had come. Arrangements had been made – Judas would betray the one he’d followed for three years, and the Jewish authorities would seek the death penalty against this Jesus of Nazareth, the one that some claimed was King of the Jews. Would they have their way? Would the teachings of this […] Read More >

A One World Government

The United Nations was born in 1946 and now includes most of the nations of the world. It has a history replete with failure to resolve conflicts around the world without aid of superpowers. Some hold to a universal government as the only hope for world peace. This hope will manifest itself during the Tribulation […] Read More >

A Portrait of Redemption (Ruth 4:1-10)

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, the saying goes. Tucked into the book of Ruth is a beautiful picture of redemption. What does it mean to be redeemed? This concept seems foreign to many today. Take this study about a true account of commitment, loyalty and redemption. 1. As we enter Ruth chapter four, we […] Read More >

A Quest for Answers Podcast: Preface

This podcast based on Josh McDowell’s book, A Quest for Answers is a great way to learn about some of the controversial “facts” presented in Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code. The first episode is an introduction to the podcast. Download the mp3 (Right Click / Save As) or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. […] Read More >

A Week of Contrasts

Matthew 26; Luke 19  Imagine yourself nearly two thousand years ago, living in a land promised by God to the descendents of Abraham. Whether you were Jew or Gentile (non-Jew), you conducted your daily affairs under the watchful eye and authority of a Roman government. The land is populated primarily by the Jews, and Jewish […] Read More >


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Again I Say, Rejoice! (Phil 4:2-7)

Philippians 4:2-7. So often we are reminded, “Choose joy.” Is that the same as wearing a mask or painting a smile on your face? Does joy just come easier to some people, or is it truly a matter of an obedient choice? We know that a joyful attitude and heart make a huge difference. Take […] Read More >

Alive Forevermore: Beyond the Cross

The tomb was empty! (See John 20-21) Those who knew this one, who had been crucified recently, claimed that he had prophesied that he would rise from the dead. Had they stolen the body, or had the impossible happened? Eternity hangs on the answer to this question and our response to it.  Jesus of Nazareth […] Read More >