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    Can Love Go the Distance?

    They say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, but I’m not convinced that’s true. I think that love makes the heart grow fonder, distance just gets in the way.  If you love someone, you’re supposed to want to be with them.   Distance is not an insurmountable obstacle, but I have a hard time believing it actually helps. Distance... >Full Story

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    How can I get over a heart ache?

    How do you get over a heart ache? I know they say time heals all wounds but who needs time when you're heart broken? How do you get over an ex- boyfriend when you have to face him practically everyday? It just hurts to see a love that was once there but is not there now. We used to... >Read More

    I'd like to pray to give my life to Christ but I have questions first...

    Examining your spiritual beliefs is an important process and choosing to give control of your life to Jesus is a big step. Questions are a natural part of the process. We have a team of online mentors ready and waiting to respond to your questions. Use the form below to send us an email and get connected with an online... >Read More

    Chuck's Thoughts on Life and Spirituality

    who I am | my spiritual story A little about me: >My dream job would be to be a volleyball coach by day and a Broadway singer by night. >A dream I hope to see realized one day is to finish the works of Marcel Proust. > If I could meet anyone past or present, it would have to be... >Read More

    Student Profile: Stuff about Dana

    in the arts | advice | life in university | who I am Choosing my major: >I've been down a long path to choose my current major. I started out with Biology and loved that. Can't remember the next one, then history, to poli sci, and international studies...Almost every thing I took I loved. Then I... >Read More

    Student Profile: Shermeen

    major | advice | university life | who am I? | my spirituality Choosing my major: >This is kind of embarrassing. I blame this doctor thing on ER. When I was young I wanted to be an actress, then I wanted to be a lawyer, and then I really didn’t have a concept of what I wanted to do until ER... >Read More

    Advice to Freshmen (First Year) Students

    I was hopelessly naïve in my first semester at university. It took me over a month to realize I didn't have to go all the way across campus to staple my assignments; I could in fact staple my math homework in the very same building where I handed it in. And it took me a while to figure out... >Read More

    University Survival Guide for Students

    University Survival Guide University life is full of challenges: getting good grades, surviving the dating game, getting into campus life, living with crazy roommates (or with your parents!), exploring your beliefs and learning who you are... Whew! If you've got it all figured out, good for you, but for everyone else, here's a little bit...... >Read More

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