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    Truth Does Not Come in Degrees, but Confidence Does

    In a recent debate on God’s existence the atheist side claimed they had no idea what I meant when I said my three arguments for God are probabilistic in nature. In my last post,  I explained how the arguments were presented in the form known as ‘inference to the best explanation’, which means there can be alternative explanations, but one... >Full Story

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    Guest Blog by Dr. Paul Chamberlain: “Do All Truth Claims Come With A Burden Of Proof?”

    Guest Blog by Dr. Paul Chamberlain Michael Horner has already written about the debate he and I participated in at the 2012 convention of the North American chapter of Atheist Alliance International in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Let me comment on one issue that became a point of dispute in the debate: burden of proof.  It’s the question...... >Read More

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