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Try Personalizing this Prayer

Sometimes all it takes is a small change to transform your perspective. Ephesians 1 has always been a powerful piece of Scripture for me. Friends of mine encouraged me to insert my own name into the passage, and pray it that way. It's been encouraging me ever since, so I thought I would share it with you in this video. Why don't you try it? Question... >Full Story

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“I need Jesus!”

By Tanja Dück Raquel and Marlene, two Paraguay DRIME team members, went to talk with two young women that were sitting on a bench at the plaza – pretty far away from where we were presenting. They started a conversation about the dramas we were performing and the meaning behind them. Soon into the conversation, the young women told them... >Read More

He Meets You Where You Are

By Elena Francescini I wondered about this woman who looked so different – who, like me, didn’t seem to fit in. As it turned out, “not fitting in” was the story of her life. Marta told me she was Paraguayan, but her father was a Muslim of Arab descent, while her mother was raised Catholic. As a child, she had... >Read More

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