The existence of God entails that there is much more to reality than the material world around us. The purpose of this website is to promote serious thought about the spiritual aspect of life from the perspective of authentic Christianity … the kind taught by Jesus Christ.

    If you could connect with the One who is the origin of indescribable beauty, honour, flawless justice, perfect love, holy and pure power, music, joy and every good thing given and every perfect gift … would you want to?

    What if God became a human being for the purpose of satisfying the demands of flawless justice so that He could also fulfill the demands of perfect love, and what if His name was Jesus Christ?

    Jesus said, ‘I Am here, standing at the door to your soul and knocking. If you hear my voice, I will come in and we will dine together, you and I.’

    I suppose the ultimate purpose of the website is to invite you to open the door of your soul to Jesus Christ and invite Him to enter as your Lord and the One who can save you from the demands of flawless justice, since He himself has died and risen again to remove the requirements of perfect justice from you. The question is, will you accept what Christ did for you when He died and rose again, and His gift of eternal life?

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