Olympic Bobsledder Curt Tomazevicz

Olympic bobsledder Curt Tomazevicz has no trouble navigating tricky corners.  As a member of the US Men’s Bobsled team, he’s had a lot of experience.   In the following interview Curt talks about how life is like bobsled and the importance of taking it one curve at a time.

On a bobsled course there is a very specific beginning and end, you always know your destination. In life it’s not always that simple.  Do you ever wonder what’s around the next corner for you?  In his book Soul Cravings author Erwin McManus talks about our human craving for destiny and how you can find yours.  Listen in to Erwin’s talk on destiny.

Do you feel like your life is on track or are you headed into the unknown?  If you’re ready to actively pursue your destiny try our online Life Lesson.  Your answers will be sent to a coach who will respond for further discussion.

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