Millions of people around the world believe in something.  What about you? Do you think that God exists? Who is Jesus, really? Do you need religion to be a good person? These are all excellent questions and in the links below we’ll try to answer them.  If you have a specific question, come talk to a mentor. Mentoring is free and private and you can ask anything you like.

Who is Jesus?

Historians agree that Jesus was a real person,but whether or not he was, or is, God is a question that lies at the heart of a lot of debate.  And that makes sense.  Because if Jesus IS God that changes everything. So who is Jesus, really?

Take a closer look

There are a lot of ideas in Soul Cravings and it can help to talk them out.If you’re ready to take a closer look at destiny, intimacy and meaning try one of the lessons below and see if these ideas resonate with you.  (All lessons are free and come with coach.) What do you want to learn about today?
Lesson 1: Discover
Lesson 2: Destiny
Lesson 3: Intimacy
Lesson 4: Meaning

There are more resources on Faith available here.

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7 Responses to “Faith”

  • Alan Blass says:

    What is God calling me to? thanks

  • Alfred says:

    Hi Seon, This is interesting. I believe the possibility of choosing evil over good has always existed for me. I’ve done it. With my choice, however, there are consequences. God needs to reward or punish us according to our behavior! We are immensely blessed that forgiveness is possible, but the hurt which I’ve caused (by wrong actions) remains for me to deal with. God is just and fair to all. I think that in the long-run it boils down to my “heart attitude”. Do I really want to be in tune with the Almighty, with the creator of the universe? Maybe I’m content to fumble around by my own wisdom and make wrong decisions that hurt me and others. We each have the freedom to choose!

  • Seon says:

    Oh I got confused, this is a new post!

    As I pointed out God created the POSSIBILITY of evil. evil can’t come from good unless the forces of good and evil always existed.

  • seon says:

    Tom- what do you mean by information? Do you mean no new genetic traits have been added through evolution?

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    So how would you create a world where creatures have a free will but they could never choose evil? That is like asking if God can create a rock that is too big for Him to lift. You are asking God to create a contradiction which is illogical and does not fit His nature.

  • seon says:

    Q (my favorite) is one example, but that’s not what I mean. If God created the concept of good and evil he’d the concept of evil. Then we would not even know what we are missing!

    But how can he be all good if he created the possibility of evil?

    But how can evil come from good? Are you saying good always existed ad was measured by God?

  • Trish Neufeld says:


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