The Power of a Changed Life

Written by Jennifer Penner

January 22, 2014

Leonard Buehler Headshot

Seeing lives changed is what inspires Leonard Buhler the most about his calling in ministry.

The driving passion for the president of Power to Change is being part of an organization that changes peoples’ lives. From ministries like The Life that encourage believers to step out and share their faith, to meeting an online mentor who led someone in Egypt to Christ through TruthMedia, to the time when he heard about hundreds of believers who came to Christ at a LeaderImpact conference in Medellín, Colombia, Buhler loves to hear the stories of
changed lives.

“If I can’t see individual stories, I can’t see the big picture of what we’re doing,” he says.

What is the big picture according to Buhler? It is to raise up the body of Christ to impact the spiritual direction of Canada, a country that has seen spiritual decline for the past 30 years. Buhler believes that if enough leaders step up, more believers will be mobilized to step out and share their faith. “Our vision is believing the impossible,” he says. “A critical part of the vision is to call remnant believers back to be activists for Christ.”

Hearing about people committing their lives to Christ played a key role in Buhler’s initial involvement with Power to Change over 10 years ago, when a staff member from Campus Crusade for Christ Canada approached him asking for donations to the ministry. Buhler agreed to support him, saying, “Let me know whenever you lead someone to Christ.”

Buhler continued to donate and support the ministry, serving on the national board of directors from 2001 to 2003 and at one point directed a major campaign in Manitoba. At the time, Buhler had what he called his “Holy Spirit office” as he used work to evangelize and give away gospel literature, along with other materials like the JESUS Film DVD. But in 2004, he gave it up and accepted the invitation to become the president of Campus Crusade. The former entrepreneur with a 30-year career in the agricultural industry decided to commit his life and career to something other than business. “Money didn’t matter when I saw people’s lives changed,” he recalls.

With his entrepreneurial experience and passion for innovation, Buhler led Campus Crusade in a new vision with the organization’s name change in 2007. Since renaming itself Power to Change, the organization is in a better position to serve the nation in relevant and strategic ways through its 13 ministries.

Buhler believes that despite the decline of Christianity in Canada, there is “a great window of opportunity” for Christians to share their faith if they approach people with respect. He believes there is more curiosity than hostility towards faith in our society. The biggest problem? It’s convincing Christians to take big steps in their faith to share Jesus Christ and make sacrifices for the Great Commission. “We’re all about empowering believers and the local church, by helping them reach their world, not just asking them to join us while we do the work for them.” At the same time, more Christians need to be inspired to give more and support evangelism across Canada and the world.

Twenty years down the road, Buhler sees Power to Change as a world leader in evangelism. While times may change, one thing remains at the heart of the organization, as captured in his closing remarks: “Share Christ!”

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  • Seraphine says:

    Dear Brethren,
    Greetings and blessings, I am Seraphine working for Lord Jesus Christ since 2003. God give me the Rehma to start Bible College for young people . In Pakistan our youth is not follow God and obey God. They choose bad ways . This is God voice to start the Bible education for these people.
    I request you kindly start work with my Ministry for Bible College. In the start I want to take 35 students in my Bible College class. I need support to start Bible College and Church Planting work in Pakistan .
    I am also able to do translation and Recording work English into Urdu , Punjabi and Sarikie in very low rates.We are also able to do recording work and Publishing and distribution .
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    May God Bless you.

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