Mike Jantzen

Mike’s passion is crafting words that carry grace to the heart. He has four children, and he’s married to Stephanie, who is also a writer, and a much finer one in his opinion.

Articles by Mike Jantzen

10 Ways to Support Your Wife as a Stepmom

I just asked my wife how long she has been a stepmom. She knew almost down to the second: “Four years, four months and four days.” She’s done a lot in her life: run half marathons, earned a master’s degree, even changed the oil on fifty trucks a day for a summer job, but nothing […] Read More >

5 Steps to Loving Someone You Don’t Really Like

Jesus revolutionized love. He showed us that to love we often have to disregard personal comfort and convenience. Jesus demonstrated love to the fullest, putting it into action even when it was really painful. No one forced Jesus to leave heaven and come to earth. But His love compelled him. He didn’t want to just stand […] Read More >

5 Things Jesus Didn’t Say on the Cross

Pain doesn’t usually bring about our finest moments. When things turn nasty, it’s usually not long before we say something we regret. The words Jesus spoke on the cross reveal the beauty and selflessness of His character. But what He didn’t say on the cross also speaks volumes to us who live in a culture full of […] Read More >

A Man’s Take on Why Feelings Matter

We live in a culture that inoculates men against their feelings. They grow up learning to develop thick, protective skin over their emotions. They may have a father tell them to “Just be tough” or chide them because “Boys don’t cry.” In a moment of vulnerability in grade school, they may hear someone say, “He’s […] Read More >

Are there Eye-Witness Accounts of Jesus?

Can we trust the biblical accounts of Jesus’ life and teaching to be accurate? When stories are passed on from person to person repeatedly, we tend to suspect distortions and embellishments to creep in. After all, is that fishing tale your dad tells about his great grandfather something you swallow hook, line and sinker? Some […] Read More >

Be Careful What You Pray For

Do you pray like you’re a glutton for punishment? #LifeDevo “You were not to know any god except Me, for there is no savior besides Me. I cared for you in the wilderness, in the land of drought. As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, and being satisfied, their heart became proud; therefore they forgot Me.” Hosea 13:4a-6 (NASB) “God, please bring suffering […] Read More >

Darkness Defeated

Share this Devo on Facebook and Twitter: Jesus lit up the darkness and we didn’t deserve it. http://thelife.com/DailyDevotions/darkness-defeated #LifeDevo “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that […] Read More >

Did the Gospel Writers Make Up Stories About Jesus?

No educated, sane adult thinks fairytales are historically accurate. There was no Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Hansel and Gretel (at least not as folklore depicts). These stories were made up to communicate a moral or to entertain children. The stories of Jesus’ extraordinary deeds and words can seem like fairytales. Some people have argued […] Read More >

Duking it Out with God

Maybe you should pick a fight with God. http://thelife.com/dailydevotions/duking-it-out-with-god #LifeDevo  “Then the man said, ‘Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.’” Genesis 32:26 When I get to heaven, I want to ask God to show me the replay of Jacob taking on an angel in hand-to-hand […] Read More >

God Enjoys Your Company

Sometime we start acting like being a Christian is about buckling down and doing our duty, as if it’s about following a long list of don’ts. But Jesus makes it simple for us. It’s really only about one main do—love. “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and […] Read More >