Has God Been Trying to Get Your Attention?

Written by Karen Schenk

soulcravingsattentionWhen I think of moments when God has tried to get my attention,  at first I think of times when difficult things happened. I would turn to God in a dramatic manner and seek his help in my life.    But as I think about it more,  I realize that the times he has really gotten my attention were not big and dramatic moments.  Rather it was the  times where I sensed him being with me and possibly even giving me a sense of the next step to take in a complicated time.

If I’m really honest, I think God tries to get my attention everyday. I can be fiercely independent, but then I have this sense that I’m not alone and as I turn to God I realize he truly wants to walk the road with me.   His way of getting my attention is that of a caring friend who is with me guides me through each day.  I need to become more sensitive and in tune with him.

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55 Responses to “Has God Been Trying to Get Your Attention?”

  • Alan Blass says:

    Has God been trying they me to the mission and anointing he wants through my ( I’ll call it thorns in the flesh)tough things from outside me

  • Tom Tom says:

    Bird Kooistra–
    Where did you get the idea that God brings pain and suffering into our lives so that we will want to turn to him? Pain and suffering are the result of sin in the world. God’s perfect creation was badly damaged by Adam’s sin and it isn’t going to get any better until the Lord Jesus returns to set things right.

    What God does is offer some relief from the ravages of pain and suffering by walking with us through these things if we’re willing for him to do so. He also offers us eternal relief from the suffering if we’ll trust in his son Jesus Christ to save us from our own sins.

    It is true that God can use the existing pain and suffering to show us a pathway to himself, and he offers us encouragement and solace in the midst of the suffering. God offers a refuge and his strength, even in the most awful of times.

  • Bird Kooistra says:

    Why does God use such horrific trauma, pain…CREATE these things in our lives. To kill innocent beings, human, pets… to “Get our attention” ? Ex: A beloved furiend, a pet gets loose. It’s leash breaks & it runs in the street & gets run over. Suffers & dies in the arms of the person who loved, cared for this furiend who only gave unconditional love & never asked for anything in return. Forgave humans for our short comings… Just to cause so much heart ache as to “Get us to come to him” ? Why would a loving God cause so much horror, pain “To get our attention ” ? That is not love. We lost our daughter who had 4 children due to flu complications. Several kitties who we loved dearly. My husband lost his job, his health, we became homeless & lost our home of over 25 years… How can I come to know & love a God who causes so much pain ? If God is trying to get my attention. He is getting a negative result. I can not love one who hurts us (all humans & other beings) so “We will come to him” It makes less than no sense. (Cliff notes, for IF you wish to help me, us with this spiritual question)

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