What Drives Us to Conform?

Written by Karen Schenk

soulcravingsconformorstandoutWhy are we so afraid to stand out? Recently I walked into a junior high school and was reminded again at how teens need to conform.  They look, dress and talk like each other.  The way they conform is really an exaggerated version of all our need to blend in.    We do this because we are afraid of being laughed at or rejected for being different.

I often wonder how different society would be if teens and young adults had the confidence we can have later in life.  Often the things that are most successful are the times when someone dared to try something just a little different.   Our need for acceptance can become a driving force in our lives.  We desire meaningful relationships and believe that if we blend in we are more likely to find intimacy and love.    I know in my experience, when I have dared to stand out, I am respected for that.   You don’t need to be offensive and brazen to be your unique self.    You just need to figure out who you are and own it.  The world responds to authenticity.  Why do you think we are we so afraid to stand out?

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