Do You Ever Wonder How Your Life Ended Up Here?

Written by Karen Schenk

soulcravingslostDo you ever feel lost? Recently I was driving in a new community and found myself completely lost.  I was frustrated, didn’t have a map and had no idea how to get to where I needed to go.  I followed my instincts and eventually found my way — even though I ended up being quite late to where I was headed.

I’ve had this same sense in my personal life.

I look at where I am in contrast to where I thought I would be.  If I glance at where I might end up it can be altogether frightening. I realize that there are forces at work that help shape my destiny that are so beyond what I can control . Some of those forces can lead me to a good place, but others may not.    When I look at how short life is, I wonder what I’m  supposed to be doing.

Life is a gift and it’s hard to know if I’m squandering it while I try to sort out who I am and what my role in society is.   When I stop to assess my current place in life, I do realize that there are some things I can do to help shape my destiny.  It takes work, deep thought and being in community with those around me.  It is my job to figure out who I am and who will I be tomorrow.  Where do you go to look for yourself?

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2 Responses to “Do You Ever Wonder How Your Life Ended Up Here?”

  • Chris says:

    Robert…sorry to hear of your struggles…we know that God has a plan for our lives that can be fulfilled each day of our lives if we let it. age means nothing to the lord. moses started his ministry when he was 80 so you are quite the Young one indeed. first, be sure you have a personal relationship with the one who made you by logging onto or by clicking talk to a mentor above so that you can enter into a personal relationship with jesus who died on the cross for you. then begin Reading the bible to know more in depthly about his personal will for your life. there is so much to do. so many hurting people needing to be helped and God wants to use you to help them. i pray jesus help you to see that you are a vessel he wants to use in this world so that your life can have great meaning and purpose amen

  • Robert says:

    I turn 70 July 9th and wonder just why I’m here or what difference I make in the world ?
    I live alone and have for 15 years, I’ve recently had some health issues that are still on going. I’m sitting here wondering just what is my purpose in life and why it matters that I am here at all ! I’ve raised my two sons and they are fine men. They live away from me so i see them on occasion.
    But what difference does my life make ?

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