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It was love at first sight for Cheryl and Jeff. Young and ambitious, they fell in love and and got married. They had it all: or so it seemed. Cheryl found herself secretly discontent and began to question her love for Jeff.  Slowly, they drifted apart and Cheryl drifted into the arms of another man.

She had an idea  of what the perfect life looked like. That’s what she wanted, that’s what she worked for and that’s what she had. “But it was fake.” Is divorce the answer or is it just running from the real problem? For Cheryl it was the answer but for God, it was not the end of their story.  Seven years and one long road later Cheryl and Jeff got back together.  Have you ever wondered if your marriage was beyond saving?

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After you have watched the video above, consider the following:

Take a look at your life. How would you describe it?

Contented? Rushed? Exciting? Stressful? Moving forward? Holding back? For many of us it’s all of the above at times. There are things we dream of doing one day, and there are things we wish we could forget. In the Bible, it says that Jesus came to make all things new. What would your life look like if you could start over with a clean slate?

Are you ready to choose a different path?

Jesus came, and died, and rose again to wipe the slate clean. He was scourged, tormented, and finally nailed on the cross for humankind’s sins – this was all part of God’s plan to bring you and I back into relationship with him. God wants to be a part of your life … in fact, not just a part of your life, but wants you to live in full fellowship with Him. Is this the life for you?

God loves you and created you to know Him personally. He longs for you to have the kind of full life you were always meant to have. So why do people not experience this kind of life? People are lost and separated from God, so we cannot know Him personally or experience His love. Because of our sins, we justly deserve judgement. But God provided his Son, Jesus Christ, as the only provision for our sin. He died in our place, then he rose from the dead.

We must individually trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; then we can know God personally, receive forgiveness for our sins, and experience His love: “As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12)

We trust God through faith. You can trust Christ right now by faith through prayer! (Prayer is just talking with God.) God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude of your heart. The following is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.

Does this prayer express the desire of your heart?

If it does, pray this prayer right now, and Christ will come into your life, just as He promised.

12 Responses to “I Do, Again”

  • Chris says:

    isaiah….so sorry to hear of your experience! as men and people in general, we have all done things we regret. sometimes they are redeemable and sometimes they are not but if we have jesus as the head of our lives, we can trust him to work all out for our good according to his promise in romans 8.28, i pray that for you. having gone through a divorce myself, i can understand the challenge it presents. losing my daughter put me on the floor. it was the first time i felt i was going to faint but thanks to jesus i didnt and he brought me through the situation stronger than i was before. you see, gods grace will enable any of us to overcome insurmountable situations through our faith in him and his promises. 2 corinthians 12.9 to 10 is clear, that the grace of christ will always be more than sufficient for a lifetime. what God is perfecting in our lives is his love for others, even our ex-wives to where we can love others with no concern for receiving their love since we are satisfied with the love of christ. its a challenging process but one i have found has set me free from myself to love and serve others one hundred percent unconditionally and enabled me to be totally sufficient in christ alone, which is Gods ultimate goal for us. now i can love my new wife with jesus love and trust jesus for his love for me even when my wife isnt deserving of being loved, i have learned to love her as christ does us all, without regard for her worthiness but of christs unfailing love for all of us as found in lamentations 3.22 to 23. praying now that you would experience his great love for you and find the freedom of being able to live in this world, with, without or despite anyone else because you know your strength is in jesus alone. blessings!!

  • Isaiah says:

    I don’t even know we’re to begin. Me and my wife of three years divorced on April 22, she remarried 4 days later. She left me in September of 2014, due to my drinking/drug use/ multiple times of cheating on her. You can read that and think wow, know wonder she left you. We have three children together, ages 3 2 and 1, I did love her, I just didn’t want her to hurt me before I had the chance to hurt her. That’s reallyrics messed up to think like that I know, but I always felt like she was to good for me, but when we met it was like love at first sight literally she was my everything, but I was in the army, and had this persona that the more women I slept with while I was with her the bigger man I was. Well it’s been over a year since I seen my children, but her and them are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the thing I think about before I go to bed. I can’t let her go, trust me I want too, but I just can’t. I never knew how much I did love her till she was gone, I hate myself for what I did. I even ask God for death, I don’t anybody but her, and I know God won’t give her back. I have changed since she left, I sobered up attend church now, it feels like I’m in constant prayer now, just to make it through the day. I still prayer one day she comes back but is that right? I can’t feel like it is, because I want her happy and I didn’t ever make things about her, I never told her how much I loved her, I never surprised her with flowers, I never asked her how her day was, or just came up behind her and put my arms around, even all of that she did with me (except for the flowers) I wasn’t a man with her, or the husband she needed. I’m rambling now, I just don’t know how much longerror I can’t take without her or my kids. It feels like I would welcome death now. I’m sorry if this is to dark. I just can’t talk about this with anyone, so I decided to do it on here. Please pray for me. Thank you

  • Very helpful . . . ant to follow . . . thanks

  • Kate says:

    Dear Kristin,

    Thank you for sharing. My heart breaks as imagine all the pain, and then I feel calm as I know you are putting all your trust in the Lord. It is more than difficult, it is excruciating. I know from my own experience, since I have been waiting more than two and a half years for my husband’s heart to soften, and no sign of it. Most recently he too has announced he plans to remarry. I have sought the Lord and He has shown me that He is not pleased with these plans. The Lord is faithful, and He expects us to be faithful. One thing is perfectly clear though: in our own strength we cannot. Our hearts are so prone to wander, our love so fitful, our passions so easily perverted. We have got to fix our eyes on Him. I just read an autobiography of Brother Yun called “The Heavenly Man” about the persecution he faced as a Christian in China. The Lord really used it to show me how He will sanctify to us our deepest distress! When it’s bad and getting worse, no matter what, let’s praise Him. He has a plan, He will make a way when there seems to be NO way. Let’s not stop believing, let’s press into the Lord, let’s keep running the good race and fighting the good fight on behalf of our men, while they are down in that pit of darkness. Let’s take up our shield of faith and quench every fiery dart that Satan sends telling him, “God is with me, He is for my marriage, He is for forgiveness and reconciliation, He is for restoration and renewal, He is able to resurrect the dead and bring life to dry bones, He grants us SALVATION because He is good! Out of hearts as hard as stone, He can bring forth rivers of living water that are granted to us in Christ Jesus.”

    I will keep praying for you, your husband and your kids.


  • Kristin says:

    This video was such an inspriration for me…I also ordered their book so I can hear their entire story. My situation is very similar to Cheryl’s…I was in a marriage for 9 years, with 2 young daughters and had the so called picture perfect life, but I was so unhappy with my husband. His career took precedent in our marriage, I felt lonely, not heard, and only there when it was convenient for him. I began to resent him to the point where I questioned my love for him and unfortunately had an affair with a man I had worked with. I shut down and believed the only solution was to leave my husband. He begged me not to go, he said he would do anything to save our marriage, but I wouldn’t hear him…I actually got mad at him for finally hearing me when it was too late. I left, at which point I told him about the other man and continued the other relationship but felt guilty because I knew it was wrong and knew I didn’t want to let go of my husband…I eventually ended the relationship and my husband and I decided to try to work on our marriage. After 6 months of separation I moved home ready to give our marriage another try, but at that point my husband was so angry with me that he became verbally abusive to me and told me I didn’t deserve anything from him because I hurt him so bad and he couldn’t forgive me. After 6 months of us trying to reconcile, which included weekly marriage counseling, my husband said our relationship was irreparable and he moved out…this was October, 2011. The day he moved out I hit my rock bottom and fell to my knees and surrendered to God…I was tired of trying to do things on my own and knew He was the missing piece in everything in my life and marriage. Throughout this last year, my husband has given me hope that there could be a chance for us, however, in April, 2012 he filed for divorce and in May he introduced our girls to his girlfriend. Apparently he’s been seeing her since he moved out, which of course I knew nothing about because he was still being intimate with me, telling me he missed me and loved me up until May. I was devestated…I thought we had a chance. I tried everything to show my husband how much I wanted our marriage to work. Now this woman is in my children’s lives, she lives with my husband and they have even talked about marriage after our divorce is final. I have been struggling so much with this. I pray daily for the Lord to help me find peace, to strengthen me and to soften my husband’s heart. I want my marriage so badly, but I know it’s not about me, it’s about the Lord’s will. I will continue to trust in Him, live my life for Him, be the best mom I can be to my children, and continue to better myself. Cheryl and Jeff’s story is a beautiful miracle that I pray the Lord will bring to my life as well.

  • Sharon says:

    dear evesalas– prayer–father God i pray for this couple i pray for reconcilation for this couple kindle this marrige and i pray that the husband will be able to forgive his wife and for this woman too to forgive evesalas i pray for a miracle in this marriage i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you all

  • evesalas says:

    After being married for 22 years I also had had an affair who lasted 3 months with a co-worker who was also feeling empty ih his relationship. I understand now that my emptyness was just a side effect of not making God my priority in my life. During the process of searching for hapiness I became a different person consumed with anger and resentment against my husband I hurted him so bad during those three months. I looked back and do not recognize who I became. My husband found out about my affair ,and even though I never had sex with this person during those three months I made my husband believe that it happened 4 times just to make him suffer for his previous cheating, and his violence during our marriage. I wrote e-mails for him to find them, recreating scenarios that never happened in reality, just to get back at him. I was so hurt for his neglect toward me, for his lies and his emotional abuse to me.Everything was accumulated inside my heart…night with night planned my revenge against my husband. Things got complicated because this man was also into a relationship with another person, and this person found out about our affair. Consumed with anger and revenge I invented dates, places and situations that never happened just to make this woman angry enough to look for my husband and she did. They were both in contact and every little detail I told her she used to call my husband and informed him about the information. I used her and was cold a cold human being for making her part of my horrible revenge without even knowing her. This woman called me many times saying that his boyfriend denied all my accusations and he admitted her that he went with me only once to a Hotel, but we could not consumed the act because I ended up leaving the hotel that night, but I was so cruel that i told this woman that he was lying and that we had sex 4 times in total which was not true. I hurted that woman, I lied and hurted that poor guy that was trying to find his way back to his girlfriend again, and i hurted my husband so bad . Until today he believes that I really consumated the affair (in bed), when the reality is that our affair was an emotiona affair reason why I couldn’t act on it when we went to the hotel room. At that time I did not care how bad I was hurting my husband, I enjoyed see him suffering. God I became a monster without feelings just anger and revenge Its been 4 years from that episode in my life. I stopped seeing this person and ended all relationship with him the day my husband found out about my affair, I hope he was able to find his way back into his girlfriend’s heart. I know i am responsible for the pain I put on that woman’s heart. I tried to speak with her later but she never allowed me to talk with her again. I just wanted to tell her the truth and ask for forgiveness. My marriage is bad, we went to counseling for a year, during that year seeing my husband’s pain brought me back to Jesus hands. He hates me and does not forgive me in his heart for what I did. I will never be able to let him know that I used this person to make him sad. He will never believe me even if I explain to him what I did because I lied to much just to make him suffer. I found Jesus again in my life on 2010 I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my stomach. It was so hard to fight back this battle but God took me and made me a new person. Now I can see my life in another way, how wrong was I before, and how much pain I brought to that woman and my husband. I live with the remorse and the guilteness of seeing my husband little by little transform into a bitter man, because what I did. Yes I betrayed him and God cleaned me from head to toes…but I going to have to leave with the consequences of all my lies. My husband is far away from me like never before. He goes to prostitutes and the pain of my actions does not allow him to have peace. Every day I put myself on God’s arms and I have become a good person since the day I ask Jesus Christ to take my life and transform it into a great life. He cleaned me and I have his love. I hope some day Jesus allows me to find this woman again to clarify my lies to her. I came to this site asking for prayers to save my marriage. I will never leave God again. He is in my life # 1 now. I am second.

  • Rasheil says:


    Thank you so much for visiting with us and sharing. I am adding to the petitions that have been sent to the Lord for reconciliation between you and your husband. May you both go through what you both need to go through in order for you to experience a return to one another and a stronger marriage.

    I also want to share with you, and everyone else visiting this site, that I actually just crossed paths with a couple who were separated for a few years and came back together. The wife had left and during the period of separation, went through healing that she needed to go through. I ran into them at a restaurant. They were on their first date in a few years and you can tell they were very happy. I have never been in that restaurant before and the only reason why they were there was a contract job the husband was recently hired to do. They were just passing through to check out the facility before he started his work.
    I believe God orchestrated this for me to share with all of you.

    These testimonies are real. When you feel like walking by sight instead of faith, remember that God never ceases to be real. He is more real than all of our problems. He has blessed marriage to serve His purposes. He honors His promises. And He absolutely loves you. Continue to walk by faith and not by sight.


  • Melanie says:

    Wow…just what I need to see and hear.Thank you so much for sharing your story.I do believe in Miracles, however sometimes its hard to hold on to the faith.I have been seperated 3 1/2 years (my husbands choice)I have continued to be faithful in hopes for a miracle…that God changes us both to be what we need to be..to come together again and be better than ever!

  • Bernard Bernard says:

    Well Deborah I am sure God has a man out there for you but you have to realize that he will not be perfect and that he will have some flaws even if he puts God first in his life. The nice thing about a relationship is that each other complement one another, one’s strengths to the other’s weaknesses. You need to find somebody who puts God first for sure but one who matches you and God can do that just give it into His hands and trust him. He did it for me and He can do it for you. God bless you and He loves you.

  • Deborah Varney says:

    Wonderful video, I have been divorced 3 times unfortunately…I still believe in LOVE and God has now become 1st in my life…I trust him to bring another man into my life, but he cannot be just any man…our relationship needs to be built solid as expect the Lord to be our foundation always…God first, each other second and everything else follows…I would recommend this video to anyone thinking about divorce, already divorced, currently in a relationship or thinking about entering a relationship…

  • Deborah Varney says:

    Wonderful video, I have been divorced 3 times unfortunately…I still believe in LOVE and God has now become 1st in my life…I trust him to bring another man into my life, but he cannot be just any man…our relationship needs to be built solid as expect the Lord to be our foundation always…God first, each other second and everything else follows…

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