Making the Most of Life

Written by Leanne Janzen

You bury your toes deep into the sand. As waves meet the shore, you feel the sea breeze as it brushes against your face. You close your eyes and fill your lungs with that sweet, salty air.

If you could freeze time, right here, right now, you would.

You wish more of life could be made up of moments like these. That you could work on your tan instead of at your mundane job. That you didn’t have to deal with the problems in your marriage, or with the pile of dishes in the sink. That you could just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and escape.

But life doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t consist solely of weekends and holidays, even if you spend most of your time pining for them.

In his video, Ze Frank (YouTube personality and TED Talk speaker) uses jellybeans to illustrate the amount of time the average person has on this earth. He asks:

How much time have you already spent worrying, instead of doing something that you love? What if you had just one more day? What are you going to do today?

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How I got a life

So, how are you making the most of the time you’ve been given?


2 Responses to “Making the Most of Life”

  • One of the greatest success secrets is the ability to exercise delayed gratification. In the famous marshmallow study conducted by Walter Mischel, pre school children who exhibited a strong proclivity towards delayed gratification had much greater success all through their lives.

  • Cat says:

    I used to delay gratification so much that by the time I let myself have what I wanted, it was useless. It had gone bad, or I had outgrown it, or my performance hadn’t measured up to my expectations and I decided I didn’t deserve it anyway. Part of growing up for me was learning to enjoy things while they were still enjoyable. Could be why I’ve never amounted to anything. :)

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