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Is there evidence of God, and what really happens when we die? At the heart of the Christian message is the claim that Jesus rose from the dead. This is the defining moment of history. It confirms the reality of God, and the identity of Jesus as the Son of God, and it means we can know that there is life after death. These videos explores the evidence, answers the objections, and shows why it matters. With contributions from Professor William Lane Craig, Professor Gary Habermas, Professor Mike LiconaAmy Orr-Ewing and Professor Tom Wright.

The After Life Series

1. Why does it matter? Is there evidence of God, and what really happens when we die?
2.  Science: Impossible? Does science make it impossible that Jesus rose from the dead?
3. History: Unknowable? Can we really know what happened two thousand years ago?
4. Later legends: Did Jesus really rise from the dead, or were these claims legends made up later?
5. Borrowed Myths: What did we learn from the ancient world?
6. Did Jesus really die? What if Jesus merely passed out on the cross?
7. Was it a hoax? Is it possible for Jesus’ followers to create a giant hoax?
8. Was it just a hallucination? If Jesus’ followers weren’t lying, maybe they were deluded.
9.  What about the empty tomb? What did they really see three days after?
10. Are there contradicting accounts? How can you account for the discrepancies in Biblical stories?
11. What difference does it make? What does this all mean for you and me?

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