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Thomas Edison has been famously quoted, “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work”. His perseverance and willingness to continue trying led to the creation of the light bulb. How does a leader’s attitude about failure affect the future of an organization? A leader can choose to criticize people who have tried and failed, or choose to empower them with the freedom knowing that failure could facilitate and open doors to superior solutions. Leonard Buhler, President of Power to Change, shares how failure can light the way towards the right direction an organization truly needs.

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One Response to “Finding Freedom in Failure”

  • Esther Esther says:

    I equate failute to falling down. When we fail it is like when we fall down. We do not stay down for the rest of our lives. We fall, pick ourselves up, fall many more times and still pick ourselves up and move on. We should not give up if we fail because in esssence we are down but not out. Quitting should not be an option for us but a hardle on the way. As a leader, when an organization is faced with challenges, a leader should look for ways of overcoming or solving those challenges, therefore, a leader should not quit when faced with adversities. He can be an encouragement to the subordinates, and look at the situation positively. We learn from mistakes and therefore we should not be afraid when we make mistakes. If we never failed in life or never had challenges, we would never learn to appreciate them if they came our way. Therefore, we need to press on!

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