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    The Obituary of Richard Cory

    There's a line in a Colin Hay song that says, "I'm waiting for my real life to begin." Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes we get so good at being who we're supposed to be, being the person someone else thinks we are, that we lose sight of ourselves altogether.  What do you do when it's time to stop acting? Take the next step: Restore... >Full Story

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    Trying to Answer the Why?

    We've all asked “why?” at some point or another.  Chris Keith has been asking why for most of his life. He was 12 years old when his grandparents decided he was old enough to know the truth.  His whole family - his parents and his older brother Mikey - did not die in a car accident as he has been... >Read More

    Why Science Needs Faith

    Are science and faith like oil and water? Some people seem to think so. We like to think that science is full of absolutes – that things are or are not.  There’s a saying that “reality is anything you can hit with a hammer” but that’s not true either.  There are all sorts of things that exist that your... >Read More

    Eat, Pray, Love a Little

    There’s been a lot of people finding inspiration from books this past year. In the wake of Julie and Julia there’s one woman making over a dress a day on a $1 budget, and another who’s committed to wearing one dress every day for a year.  Not surprisingly,   Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller, and now major motion picture Eat, Pray,... >Read More

    Who Benefits From Prayer?

    CNN ran an interview this morning that caught my attention. Anderson Cooper was interviewing Christopher Hitchens the author of God Is Not Great.  Hitchens is quite famous for his views against the existence of God.  He is also currently battling a very lethal form of cancer.  Cooper wondered if the disease had changed his beliefs at all.  Hitchens...... >Read More

    Kevorkian: Not Ready to Die

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been called many things. To some he’s an angel of mercy, to others an angel of death.  I never expected him to be a cynic. Kevorkian is famous for his role in over 130 assisted suicides – a procedure he refers to  as Patholysis.  In an interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta they explained the term: "Path... >Read More

    How do I approach reading the Bible?

    Books can open us to a whole new world through all kinds of new knowledge gleaned from their pages. Whether it is a cook book that details a new recipe or a novel that opens your eyes to a different time and era, you come to know new things through books. The Bible is certainly no different and opens us... >Read More

    Back to the beginning

    Scientific discoveries revive the ancient belief in a beginning to the universe If we could rewind the history of the universe, what would we discover about its origin and development? Did it really have a beginning, or was it always there? The influential ancient philosopher Aristotle stated, “It is impossible that movement should ever...... >Read More

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