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    Writing a Will

    It's a subject that none of us want to think about. Whether we're young and just starting life or older and approaching the end, we don't want to think about our own death. Adding money to the mix only makes it worse. But, the truth is that all adults need to think about what will happen to their financial affairs when they die. Failure to do so... >Full Story

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    How to Say “I’m sorry”

    Arguably the worst piece of romantic advice ever given is the oft quoted, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  Love is all about saying you’re sorry.  Love, when it’s good, is finding someone that you want to be with, someone you want to share your life with.  Inevitably in all that togetherness there are going to be... >Read More

    Reconciling Your Sexual Past with your Marriage

    What do you do when you have quite the sexual past, but you want to have a pure marriage, with a great sex life? Can you rid yourself of the baggage from everything you've already done? Here's a letter that I received recently: I am single, in my late twenties. In my earlier twenties, I did not live a Christian lifestyle.... >Read More

    Does Marriage Matter?

    A recent article for The Frisky asked 15 women currently in long term relationships why they chose not to marry. I was expecting them to say that they didn’t believe in marriage, or that they had a religious or atheistic objection to it.  Instead I found that their answers had more to do with what they think marriage is... >Read More

    Chris Henry & Tiger Woods: Private Disputes Steal Headlines

    The news is full of crumbling relationships.   Disputes and betrayals result in divorce, devastation and in one tragic story this week, even death.    We can’t help but watch with a combination of disgust and intrigue.   The people who we’ve placed on the pedestal of success are letting us down.   In a sick way it makes them seem normal. Cincinnati...... >Read More

    Intimacy, Sex & Scandals

    The headlines proclaimed the potential fall of another celebrity. The scandal began with a car crash in the middle of the night.  Shortly after, photos of a mistress surfaced and we all heard a voicemail recording threaten to tear another family apart. Tiger Woods, who has spent his career sporting a squeaky clean image now is cloaked with scandal. These...... >Read More

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