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    Study Skills: Conquer Your Reading Pile

    by Maria Gracia Keeping up with what's going on in the world and with student life is a challenge when it involves potentially a lot of reading: course readings, leisure reading, and reading newspaper or magazines to stay on top of current issues. Have you procrastinated so much that your reading pile getting so high that you can barely see... >Full Story

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    Choosing Your Major Resource Guide

    How to choose your major - A step by step guide on making that daunting decision. Major choices - The major you start with isn't set in stone. Here's how one student's choice of changing her original major affected her life. Senior Students' Advice - More words of wisdom from students who have gone before you... Ben (fine arts) Dana...... >Read More

    Liberal Arts: A Faulty Move or a Step in the Right Direction?

    by Jessica Abbey It isn't uncommon for my friends who are more career-minded to scoff at my "risky" English Writing major. They call me impractical. My parents might badger about my career plans until their faces turn blue. I'm not budging from where I'm sitting in my studies despite all this pestering from well meaning friends and family. From...... >Read More

    Student Profile: Stefanie

    choosing my major | university life | Stefanie facts | advice | Stef's spirituality Life as a Communication Student: >I decided to major in Communication only in my second year after realizing that I wasn't enjoying the Visual Art program. >The best thing about being a student in Communication is that most of the material is interesting....... >Read More

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