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    Choosing my major: In high school I had two teachers who cared enough to give us an assignment to research more about a field we might be interested in. If it weren't for those assignments, I probably wouldn't have thought too seriously about what I wanted to do in university until I got there. For the sake of getting the assignments done,... >Full Story

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    Planning and Time Management for Students On the Job

    The old adage reminds us that "People don't plan to fail but a lot of people do fail to plan." During a war, we find a tank operator and a general. Which function is more important? It is probably the general, at least in this sense. One can be the best tank operator on the line, get out there everyday and... >Read More

    Career Choice: Combining your degree and your passions

    Don't waste your money on something you will never do. My Dad offered this advice to my younger sister during one reading break. After a semester of studying Environmental Studies, my sister realized that she would never want to work in this field.  She came home over reading break and voiced her concern.  My Dad began to consider the money...... >Read More

    Networking: A Career Planning and Job Search Tool

    by Donald E. Wetmore In tackling life's challenges, whether it be looking for a job, studying, buying a car, you can go it alone or enjoy the help of others. Networking is a major time management tool helping us to learn from others, get introductions more easily, and save precious resources of time and money in the process. I have accumulated...... >Read More

    Job Search Tip: Write a Cover Letter that Works

    On my supervisor's desk swam a sea of 500 cover letters that answered the question:"Why do you want this job?" I didn't envy my supervisor's task of shortlisting only 100 of the 500 applicants. To my surprise, she said it wasn't too difficult to weed out the 400 losing letters. What was it about those 100 winning letters that stood out? In...... >Read More

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    Preparing for the Search: Do a self assessment to help you find a job you'll enjoy What kind of job will be a good fit for you? Job hunting checklist Find more job leads by looking beyond the newspaper ads 5 sure fire tips NOT to get the job Network your way to a new job Search for home based jobs Resume/CVs and Cover Letters: Preparing...... >Read More

    Dealing with Exam Anxiety in College and University

    By Steve Douglass The first sign of a problem while preparing for an exam is worry. Worry robs us of energy, focus and motivation. If we can eliminate worries, or at least control them, then we’re in a much better position to do well on our tests. There are three ways I know to deal with worry. The first is to delete the... >Read More

    The Ten Commandments of Returning to School

    It's that time of year again.  The Fall is nearly upon us, and you are undoubtedly preparing to go back to school.  Having been a post-secondary student 6 years in succession, let me bestow my wealth of knowledge upon you. 1. Thou shalt not leave thy registration until the last minute.  That thou hast a thousand plus one other things... >Read More

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