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    Is Jesus Dying for Your Sins Unjust & Immoral? (Part 2)

    One of the most significant moments of my life was when I understood that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross paid the penalty for all my sins – past, present & future. After all, I was told, when Jesus died, all my sins were in the future! If he didn’t pay for my future sins then he will have to come back and die again for those! What... >Full Story

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    Truth Does Not Come in Degrees, but Confidence Does

    In a recent debate on God’s existence the atheist side claimed they had no idea what I meant when I said my three arguments for God are probabilistic in nature. In my last post,  I explained how the arguments were presented in the form known as ‘inference to the best explanation’, which means there can be alternative explanations, but... >Read More

    Knowledge & Proof Do Not Require Certainty

    There is a great deal of confusion over two words know and prove. Not everyone uses these words in the same way. I think this was part of what was contributing to some further confusion during the recent debate at the atheist’s convention over two other words, probability and certainty. This confusion over the issue of probability was the... >Read More

    Do you also happen to lack the belief that God does not exist?

    I want to consider another response to the we only lack the belief in God’s existence strategy of many atheists.  Last week we considered the atheist’s allegation that they are merely lacking a belief in God’s existence, rather than believing God does not exist. We responded by saying that they are not actually answering the question of...... >Read More

    “We aren’t saying God does not exist – we are merely lacking a belief that God does exist.” Right!?

    In our debate with two atheists last month over the question of God’s existence, the atheists initially claimed that their answer to the question was a negative claim, which did not carry a burden of proof. In last week’s post, Paul argued persuasively that a truth claim being negative in nature (e.g. God does not exist), does not free... >Read More

    Guest Blog by Dr. Paul Chamberlain: “Do All Truth Claims Come With A Burden Of Proof?”

    Guest Blog by Dr. Paul Chamberlain Michael Horner has already written about the debate he and I participated in at the 2012 convention of the North American chapter of Atheist Alliance International in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Let me comment on one issue that became a point of dispute in the debate: burden of proof.  It’s the question...... >Read More

    “What’s So Bad About Nihilism?”

    [caption id="attachment_37612" align="alignnone" width="614" caption="Photo by acb"][/caption] Some people said a defining moment of the debate (see the previous two posts - Man Up and Does a God or Gods Exist?) happened during our cross examination of Christopher DiCarlo on the moral argument. We asked him, “How does your atheistic view avoid...... >Read More

    Man Up!

    [caption id="attachment_37528" align="alignleft" width="338" caption="Photo by Montauk Beach"][/caption] In our debate, at a recent atheist convention (May 18, 2012), my colleague Paul Chamberlain and I squared off against Christopher DiCarlo and Matt Dillahunty in front of an audience of 300 people comprised of mostly atheists along with a few...... >Read More

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