Devious Distortions: Durston or PZ Myers? (or Estimating the Probability of Functional Biological Proteins) – A Response to atheist PZ Myers’ blog titled ‘Durston’s Devious Distortions’. This article corrects some serious errors made by Myers, and explains how to estimate the probability of biological proteins. These probabilities, calculated from real data, definitively falsify the hypothesis that biological proteins arose through an evolutionary process. Furthermore, the statistically significant, functional information required to code for biological proteins provides positive evidence of having originated from an intelligent mind. – View  – Download pdf

    If You Thought Religion was a Bad Idea … Check Out Atheism – A popular urban myth is that religion may have some good points, but overall, they are outweighed by a history of violence and war. As a result, some would say that religion has primarily been a force for evil. In reality, however, the track record of certain atheist states over the past century has been horrific. People may use religion to justify events such as the Crusades, the Inquisition, or witch burnings, but the data indicates that nothing frees societies up to unleash the wholesale slaughter of millions like atheism does. – View –  Download pdf

    God and the Canaanite Destruction: Implications of an Atheist’s Premise  – A common objection to the idea that God is all powerful, all-knowing and perfectly good arises out of His command in the Old Testament to destroy the Canaanite society. The justification given at the time was that the Canaanite culture had undergone a complete moral collapse, with practices such as incest, sex with animals and child sacrifice having become the norm. If the evil was not stopped, it would spread to all humanity. An interesting premise advanced by atheist philosophers such as William Rowe is that God cannot permit a gratuitous evil. If we grant this, what are the implications for a society when it reaches the point where it becomes a gratuitous evil? Is humanity going in that direction? – View  –  Download pdf

    A Scientific Case for Intelligent Design: Executive Summary – A one page summary of showing a scientific case for the hypothesis that biological life required intelligent design. – ViewDownload pdf

    Which Religion is True? – A two-page article discussing four steps one can use to determine which religion is true. – ViewDownload pdf

    Short Answers to Big Questions – Notes –Download pdf

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