Rinatta Paries

Rinatta Paries graduated from college with a BA in Political Science and initially went into social service. However, she found herself stuck behind a desk, while what she really wanted to do was to help people. A number of years and some interesting jobs later she ran across an article on the budding profession of life coaching and the online university, called CoachU, that was training life coaches.

She was in the first group of 700 people to go through the two-year program and graduate from CoachU. At the time CoachU was the only school training life coaches. She also became a member and got certified as one of the first Master Coaches by the International Coach Federation, a certification and regulation body of the life coaching profession. She currently works as a "love coach" via her website.

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Articles by Rinatta Paries

Bringing Romance Back

Romance dies, that’s a fact, right? When you find the love of your life, you’ll both settle into a daily routine of financial, household, and child-rearing responsibilities, forgetting you are a couple, right? Romance will only last through the initial crush of the relationship. After that you and your partner will start taking each other […] Read More >

Space in a Relationship

How much emotional space do you occupy in your relationship? Could the amount of emotional space you and your partner each take up have anything to do with whether your relationship makes it or not? Indeed it does. Just what do I mean by “emotional space?” It’s the time, energy, and space your partner spends […] Read More >

What Men Want in a Relationship

Are you feeling hurt or misunderstood in a relationship? Connect today with a free and confidential mentor. I have discovered a stark contrast between what each sex thinks the opposite sex wants from them, and what the opposite sex really does want. What women think men want from them causes women to have resentment and […] Read More >

What’s Your Communication Style?

If you find yourself frustrated, stifled, pushed, or confused about your current relationship or by the people you attract, take a look at the communication in your relationship and your relationship communication style. Is your approach to communication well-matched with your current partner or with people you tend to attract? If so, you will tend […] Read More >