Is It Possible?

Written by Darren Hewer

Sometimes things hide in plain sight. When I was a kid, I never paid much attention to bus stop signs.  I was totally oblivious to their existence. But when I decided to start taking the bus I saw bus stop signs everywhere! When I actually started looking for them, I saw them on the same streets that I walked every day.  They did not suddenly appear.  The signs had been there all along, I’d just never noticed them before.

I’m sure this has happened countless times over the years whenever someone makes a thrilling new discovery. Those rare “Eureka!” moments seem transcendent, whether it is a scientist discovering a new truth about the universe or a kid taking the bus.

This may be a new idea for you, but consider this question: Is it possible that God has been at work in your life all along? Like those bus stops I ignored for so many years, perhaps you’ve just been ignoring the signs all around you. There are times when life gets so loud and frantic that we get caught up in the whirlwind going on around us.  The problem isn’t life itself. It’s how the good, bad and mundane things of life can end up distracting our attention and cause us to miss the subtlety of what that life means. We confuse action with purpose and live as though the race is meaningful even when the finish line is elusive.

Have you ever wondered why you have soul cravings? I mean those inner desires like intimacy, meaning, and destiny, that never seem to be met. Perhaps these are some of those signs that have been hidden in plain sight. Could it be that everyone, no matter how great they imagine themselves to be or how lowly they feel, have these cravings inside because God has placed them there to call our attention to something more exciting and fulfilling than mundane life?

Even if it doesn’t seem probable right now, is it possible? If so, then it seems to me that it’s something worth investigating. I know that I did, and was surprised a how my own story worked out.

devo-interact-icon-42x42“Where do I go from here?”

Here are some suggestions … just choose whichever one best matches your interests:

I want to hear more about these “soul cravings” – Erwin McManus has written extensively on this topic.  Start by exploring his videos.

I want to know who Jesus is – The most compelling figure in history might have something to say about your journey.  Here is a list of resources to explore.

I’m interested but aren’t sure where to begin – Here are some links to start the adventure of finding faith and knowing God.

I have a question I’d like to ask – Ask for a mentor and you’ll receive a personal reply via email.

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