Jesus Christ: Who is He?

jesusoncrossIs there anyone who is more influential all over the world than Jesus Christ? Two thousand years ago, skeptical Thomas called him “My Lord and my God!” and today over two billion people today around the world call him the same.

Who is Jesus? How and why did he become the most important person who ever lived? And why do we celebrate a man who died on a cross?

We invite you to explore the life, death, and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ. If you have questions or would like to talk with someone personally, please contact us.

The Life of Jesus Christ

  • Tour: What are the Major Highlights in the Life of Jesus? Explores the life of Jesus and what it means to us today. Some claim he’s a great teacher, others think he’s a prophet, a liar, or even a madman. Millions hail him as Savior and Lord. Whatever people think of him, nobody can deny that he stands at the center of human history.
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  • Discover Purpose. Jesus said he came to make all things new. Is this the life for you? Have you been teetering on the brink of giving your life to him? Today is the day.
  • Who did Jesus think He was anyways? What did Jesus tell us about himself? What did he do which revealed his identity?

Questions about Jesus, Christianity, and Faith?

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27 Responses to “Jesus Christ: Who is He?”

  • Alfred Neufeldt says:

    What a testimony, Carole! HE is certainly “our provider”. I want to serve HIM at all times. We fail too easilly, however, so it is imperative that we read the Bible daily and thank Him often. As we grow in faith and in committment, life is a joy and a blessings to many.

  • Carole says:

    God is my rock, my strength and I trust Him in everything. He is where I go when I am happy, when I am sad – I lean on Him. He gave me back my life last year when I quit breathing and washed me clean. He is the one true King.

  • Alfred Neufeldt says:

    Yes, Keli Hazel, Jesus is for real. He is meeting our every need; but are we meeting His need by serving Him as the Spirit leads? Are we not too often choosing the soft & easy life rather than getting out of our comfort zone to serve Him?
    I have worshiped in Catholic churches, in various protestant churches, and even feel at home among the Pentecostals. GOD IS HERE AMONG ALL HIS PEOPLE. Perfect love drives out fear; so let’s not be afraid to get out and live for Jesus in all we do!

  • Keli Hazel says:

    Jesus is our bread of life and he exits.

  • Aldo says:

    Bashir, as an addendum, I suggest that you go to the Jesus Daily web page of Facebook, and insert a blog requesting prayer for all that you have mentioned here. Those who frequent Jesus Daily web page will also lift up these needs of yours. Also, any other Christian organizations, and/or TV and Radio stations. God bless.

  • Aldo says:

    Bashir, congratulations on the difficult work of the Lord that you are doing despite the danger of being persecuted, and even worst, murdered for the cause of Jesus Christ. Let’s pray:

    Father God, keep Your hand of protection upon Bashir and the entire team working with him in making the Lord Jesus Christ known among those they are working with. Keep them safe, strong, healthy, and vibrant, in the work of the Lord, and provide abundantly for all their needs being met. Father God, prosper their work and increase the numbers that come to know Jesus Christ through their ministry. Lord God Almighty, grant Your Holy Spirit power upon them that they would be steadfast in their faith, and strong in their resolve to endure to the very end, whereby they will hear You say to them, “Well done good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Matthew 25:21)

    Lord, we lift up the following needs to You, and ask that You would provide abundantly for each one of them according to Your Word that says in Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”:

    House Church Fellowship, Discipleship Ministry, Women Ministry, Children Ministry, Health Care Ministries for the women & Children and Compassion Ministry (such as Distributing Clothes & blankets to the poor children & poor woman, Free tuition to the needy students, Feeding to the poor children , helping to the persecuted believers those who lost their sources of income & houses for their faith in Jesus, Educational help to the poor & needy students, Providing Nutrients for Malnourished children).

    Thank You Lord for all that You have done, and will continue to do in using Bashir and his team, in Jesus Name we pray and agree. Amen.

  • BASHIR says:

    Email: [it is our policy not to publish contact information]
    Dear Director / Pastor / Brother / Sister in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    We are in great need of your kind prayers for our own lives and ministry specifically among the Muslims. We are very glad to share with you that our Living God has filled our hearts with His burden & vision in our lives to reach specifically to The MUSLIMS by The Gospel of Jesus Christ & plant House Churches inside Muslim community. While Muslim terrorist groups such as Islamic state , Taliban, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram are killing Christians in different countries, He is leading us to reach out to the Muslims for His own glory and help them to know that Jesus Christ is The Only Living God and Saviour.
    Our Lord Jesus is using us to fulfil His plan & will in and through our lives. By the grace of God, already Several Muslim men & women accepted Jesus in their hearts as their Lord & Saviour. They are following His teachings in the midst of different types of physical tortures by the militant Muslims. They are witnessing about Jesus and they are sharing their testimonies to their relatives &neighbors. God is adding more men & women to our worship services almost every week for His own glory.
    Militant Muslims are often torture and try to harm physically to the believers from Muslim background for their new faith in Jesus. Even though we are facing heavy persecutions & threats by the Militant Muslims, but our Lord Jesus is using our lives for the extension of His Kingdom and He has protected us for His own glory. Militant Muslims are constantly trying to murder us. Our lives are in danger at this moment.
    We are in great need of your kind prayers in our own lives and for the persecuted believers. Humbly, we request you kindly pray for God’s protection from the hands of Militant Muslims. Please also pray that we might be always faithful to His call in our lives and grow in Him.We are prayerfully expecting to have at least 500 believers from Muslim background at our fellowship.
    Please write few words for us.
    With regards,

    Bashir & team

    KINDLY PRAY FOR: House Church Fellowship, Discipleship Ministry, Women Ministry, Children Ministry, Health Care Ministries for the women & Children and Compassion Ministry (such as Distributing Clothes & blankets to the poor children & poor woman, Free tuition to the needy students, Feeding to the poor children , helping to the persecuted believers those who lost their sources of income & houses for their faith in Jesus, Educational help to the poor & needy students, Providing Nutrients for Malnourished children)

  • Elkay says:

    Dr. Sobomehin, your comment is so appreciated by everyone who is trying to be a true follower of Jesus Christ by doing His commands — thank you kindly! Obeying God is essential to receiving His thrilling rewards and what He asks us to do is never insignificant—though we may not always recognize the importance of saying yes to His requests.

    As God’s children, we should ask Him what He wants us to do in daily situations — we must learn to listen to our heavenly Father and be sensitive to the quiet voice prompting us throughout the day. Jesus taught us how to live in the Kingdom of God – to seek it first and all our needs will be met . . . but for reasons that are hard to grasp, we most often just don’t do that.Every time I’ve obeyed God, He’s blessed me. When I disobey, it costs me. We’re talking about God who loves us unconditionally and who has a perfect plan. Obeying Him will never prove disappointing.

    “Heavenly Father, out of a desire to be obedient to You, Dr. Sobomehin desires to be a doer of the Word, to make his life into Your way of life. And so we come to Your throne of grace to find help, to find energizing grace that will enable him to live in greater obedience to You and bring glory and honor to You as his light shines in this fallen world. Please make Your presence be so strong and evident to him that he is able to walk in a way that pleases You and grows him in Christ-likeness. This is our prayer in Christ’s name. Amen”

  • Everything I do wrong I see Him in it-telling me that–I didn’t teach you that way. I’m very serious about this. It is not funny to me what Jesus Christ came to the world to do. We fail woefully to obey and the price we pay for disobedience is heavy. He told us–show us how to love one another–we turn deaf ears to his words. We end up decimating each other. The world suffers, the world that has enough-abundance–we are hungry, homelessness, diseases allover the place. Jesus Christ it the answer to my problem. Pray for that I maybe James 1: 22.

  • jim says:

    63 hee and born roman catholic. but i heard/read some where that the word of God EILL be spread through out the world, and when that happens then we can expect he 2nd coming of Jesus, the son of GOD! born snd raised catholic and that is what is layed out there? do ya reckon?

  • […] 5. Think eternally. This is a big one. I’m not sure if you believe in God, in prayer, or in heaven. But I do – and it has made all the difference in my life. I rest assured that through Jesus I can see my mom again in heaven one day. I was praying through my mom’s final moments, asking God to open His arms to her. I believe that we were created for a really awesome relationship with God. But because of our selfishness, sin and death entered the picture. The good news is that Jesus conquered it all and through Him we can all be united with God and live eternally with him and one another in paradise. Having this eternal perspective helps me remember that while life on earth is temporary and fleeting, the best is yet to come! (If you’re wondering who Jesus is, read this). […]

  • sarah uzzi-Daniel says:

    He is ABSOLUTE Lord without question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah uzzi-Daniel says:

    He is ABSOLUTE Lord without question!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clement says:

    Jesus is our life

  • Joyce says:

    Jesus Christ is God of all Creation’s one and only Son..He is the 2nd.person of the God-Head…when we accept Christ as Lord over all our life ,we also receive the Holy Spirit,the 3rd.person of the God-Head who instructs,guides and shows us how to live to please the Father,who is the 1st.person of the God-Head..those of us who are born again know this One and only Triune God in a personal relationship through Christ and know He is One God with three different functions ..when we ask in prayer the Holy Spirit reveals God’s Word to us so we can understand God’s Character,what He accepts and rejects in our daily lives ..prayer is neccessary in a relationship with God… Christ became our blood sacrifice and paid our sin debt so we can be in God’s family!But that does not give us permision to live in ongoing sin!!Praise be unto Him….

  • wendy says:

    I believe that you have to except Christ in to your life and feel the power of the holy spirit before you really except our saviour realise that there is only one way to God and that is through him. When you feel the power at work in you, then you will know.

  • Alice says:


  • ann says:

    jesus is my lord & we all are the apple of his eyes ,he loves us a lot ,he is my loving father.


  • nikita says:

    hey people i think this is a good story i am in class

  • eyob says:

    Juses is the son of God he came to the earth to save us and saved us. He is not a human. He is God but came to earth as a human to show us his love. He lived on the earth as a human for 33 years and showed as how to love each other. Glory the lord Juses Christ Amen.

  • John says:

    Jesus christ is the son of god and the one and only Messiah, he came down to earth to take on our sins so we can be washed clean. if you want to have peace of mind to know where you are going when you leave this life except jesus as your LORD and Saviour and he will lead you to living water.
    remember he Loves you for who you are.Thats (YOU)

  • samuel says:

    i want to tell u the truth about jesus is he is lord believe he came in a human fresh there is no two way about it he is the truth and life the only way to the father i am a living testimoni he ismy personal savior and yours god bless u

  • geraldine marie stuart says:

    Did John the Baptist know that Jesus was his cousin?

  • .carolyn white says:

    The lord jesus christ gave us what we have today.he is the master of all.I will live for him forever

  • Feihu says:

    why was Jesus’es life so important

  • Jesus exists, what a person says about him does not exist.

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