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    “We aren’t saying God does not exist – we are merely lacking a belief that God does exist.” Right!?

    In our debate with two atheists last month over the question of God’s existence, the atheists initially claimed that their answer to the question was a negative claim, which did not carry a burden of proof. In last week’s post, Paul argued persuasively that a truth claim being negative in nature (e.g. God does not exist), does not free it from... >Full Story

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    Man Up!

    [caption id="attachment_37528" align="alignleft" width="338" caption="Photo by Montauk Beach"][/caption] In our debate, at a recent atheist convention (May 18, 2012), my colleague Paul Chamberlain and I squared off against Christopher DiCarlo and Matt Dillahunty in front of an audience of 300 people comprised of mostly atheists along with a few...... >Read More

    Debate: Does A God or Gods Exist?

    [caption id="attachment_37433" align="aligncenter" width="574" caption="Photo by Pierre Metivier"][/caption] On Friday May 18, my colleague Paul Chamberlain and I participated in a debate at an Atheists’ Convention.  The debate question was Does A God or Gods Exist? and our opponents were Christopher DiCarlo and Matt Dillahunty. It drew about...... >Read More

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