Nothing is Private Online

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Whether it’s the pictures your friend promised to delete or a comment you didn’t think your boss would see, privacy is so 2008. Teens are particularly vulnerable. Around 30 percent of 16-18 year olds participate in sexual activity online*. They have no idea who could be watching.

FOR STUDENTS: Are you looking for attention and acceptance online?

FOR PARENTSIs your teen looking for acceptance online?

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*T. Buhler, C. Neustaedter and S. Hillman. How and Why Teenagers Use Video Chat (2013)

7 Responses to “Nothing is Private Online”

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    I really appreciate your prespective Harold. What kind of a message would you think that God would want to make to a girl like Sarah or her boyfriend?

  • Harold says:

    I understand. I guess I disagree. It felt more like a fear of video than showing the kind of care God shows for his people. When no one will love us God will. but yes you should tell teens and adults, be careful you never know what people will use your information for. I guess that could be christian, jew, or gentile.

  • Kara says:

    Harold, I really don’t think faith is a factor in people being “judged” for their online choices. When the most recent Amanda Todd tragedy took place, her memorial pages were filled with scorn from people in all walks of life. Instead of being sad and concerned that her choices (which were simply to be accepted) had resulted in exploitation and then bullying, people by the thousands came against her and blamed her for bringing it all on herself. The point this video makes is that you never know what the people will do with the footage they have and what will happen as a result. Sarah thought her video was private. It wasn’t. In fact, it rarely is. The key issue here is young people are desperate for acceptance and love and they have tools in their hand that may end up creating irreparable harm.

  • Harold says:

    I think it is foul to look at that girl with eyes like I’ve never sinned before. I get what you’re saying that nothing is ever private but that’s true everywhere in life. God sees everything, not just the person we try to portray when we think no one is looking at at all. All those eyes in the room as a parody of what could be. The pain it could cause, are just examples of how people feel Christianity is anyway. Everyone says they love you and they care, until you do wrong. Now you’re no good, worthless as dirt. Paul and Isaiah says our righteousness is as filthy as rags. The fact that Christians judge people is the one single most reason why people don’t understand Christianity.

  • Barbara Alpert Barbara Alpert says:

    Very informative video…thank you for this “eye” opener!

  • Esther Esther says:

    Allow me to say that teens are hooked to the internet because their loved ones (parents, guardians, mentors, etc,etc) are not there for them, they are very busy – making money, studying, or just engrossed in their own issues, they think the teens do not need them, they also think the teens will not listen to them.

    Teens also need guidance, direction, acceptance, love, and the list is endless. In absence of these, the internet takes the place of the loved ones and gives them both good and evil – without sifting through. This becomes a habit and therefore the way of life for the teenagers.

    The good news is that it is never too late, we have not lost it, the teens can still be restored to the right path. We can still talk to them, create time for and with them, share good and bad moments, after all, we too have passed through the teenage stage and can identify with their challenges. We also have the opportunity to introduce them to the word of God – they can listen – they are human and the spirit of God is in them. Try sharing with them and do not be discouraged just because they seem not interested. They may not show but I know for certain that they get what you say to them. As God has loved us, let us also show the love of God to them.

  • Brenda Miller says:

    Thank you for demonstrating the tremendous pressure that so many of us – including students – can experience in this world to perform in order to feel accepted, approved, wanted, loved, as well as to satisfy our cravings for so many other deeply and painfully unmet needs. Yet, there is One Who can and will meet every one of these needs, in addition to all of our unspoken cravings, if we will just turn to Him and seek Him with all of our hearts, surrendering our lives into His loving hands. His name is Jesus. He is intimately aware of our inner pain and desires greatly to heal us of our wounds. I am thankful every moment for the day I made the decision to turn from trying to walk through this life in my own strength and reached out and took Him by the hand, asking God for His help. Truly, that is day I discovered that I am not alone, nor will I ever be again! Amen. Thank You, Jesus.

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