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Who Is Jesus, Really?

Is Jesus the Son of God? Is he the way to God? Did he die for me? Is he alive? If you find yourself asking questions, you are in good company. It is okay to have doubts. God isn't afraid of your questions. He welcomes your search for truth. When John the Baptist asked if Jesus was the Messiah and when "Doubting" Thomas was skeptical about... >Full Story

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Who Did Jesus Think He was Anyway?

There are only four options for the identity of Jesus Christ. He was a legend, a liar, a lunatic—or Lord and God. Legend? Those who support the legend hypothesis say that the claim to be God was a result of the religious imagination of the early church, and as such, was written back into the mouth of Jesus. The real Jesus,... >Read More

Winning Isn't Enough

My disappointment was intense as I watched my shot disappear into the bunker on the last hole, and with it, my chances of winning the 1994 Masters. But that was only the beginning of my disappointments. For the next two years I failed to win the U.S. Open, finishing in second place each time. I was struggling with self-doubt,... >Read More

Remembering September 11th

On September 11, 2001 I said my first prayer. My son was a police officer with the New York Police Department. As I sat watching the Twin Towers burn, at first I thought that he was fine since he worked a desk job at One Police Plaza. But what if he went over to help? “Please God,” I said, “if... >Read More

Finding True Love

As an Officer Cadet, it was not difficult to get dates. The uniform and the invitations to military balls ensured a steady supply of girls who were willing to date me. Kingston also had a hospital with a resident nurse’s training program and a civilian university, so there were always girls living away from home and seeking companionship. I...... >Read More

The Goal of My Life

They call the winning goal I scored in the last game of the 1972 Canada/Russia hockey series 'The Goal of the Century.' I still get a warm feeling when I think about it. Fear is one of the best motivators, and I was very afraid that I would be part of the team that lost to the Russians. Canada is... >Read More

The Quest for Acceptance

My life has been a quest for recognition and acceptance. A mid-childhood immigration experience left me at a cultural disadvantage in Canadian sports. I found solace in the army cadet corps and “nerd-like” achievements. Family finances and positive experiences in the Canadian militia reduced higher education options to one: enroll in the Regular...... >Read More

Are Truth and Love in the Stars?

As long as I can remember, I've been looking for truth and love. Truth, because I'm gullible and I have been hurt as a result. Love, because I felt insecure and lonely. I figured that there must be someone I could trust to open myself up to who would not ridicule me. As I looked for truth and love... >Read More

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