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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." If you’ve spent any time at all in a leadership position, you’ll recognize the truth of this statement instantly.  And you’ll be confronted with it a thousand times – anytime you try to lead change. Mark Fields, named Ford President of the Americas in 2006, believed in this Peter Drucker quote... >Full Story

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Four Qualities I Look for in a Christian Leader

How do you make sure to choose great people for your leadership team?  I’ve asked myself that question many times, and I always come back to the same four qualities suggested by Tim Elmore.* A candidate might have a fantastic resume, an impressive education, or decades of experience.  But if I can’t answer the following four questions with...... >Read More

Be a bulldozer.

Sometimes colleague say to me, “Here’s my list of projects.  How can I possibly get all this done?”  My answer?  Be a bulldozer. Of course, there are several ways you could interpret that.  A bulldozer is an incredibly powerful piece of machinery.   It has the capacity to shift a huge load from point A to point B.  If something is...... >Read More

When Right is Wrong

I’m a driven individual. I’m passionate and single-minded about what I do. When I look at the organization I’m responsible to lead, I want us to be the best we can possibly be. I want us to do the right things, the right way. I like to be right. Sometimes being right is wrong. This is a lesson I’ve learned... >Read More

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