On May 22 2014, Leonard Buhler informed the staff at Power to Change HQ of some important changes in leadership. Read More >

What do 28 people from Canada, Thailand, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Benin, and Togo all have in common? What could bring people of such diverse backgrounds together in the remote, almost forgotten town of Gramado, Brazil? What could send them on the streets of nearby Puerto Alegre and engage passersby in spiritual conversations in spite of the language barrier? Read More >

Today, thousands of people like Jeanne will spend hours collecting the only water they can find – often from stagnant ponds or old hand-dug wells. Their families will suffer and get sick... Read More >

The growing popularity of soccer in Canada makes the sport a ripe mission field. AIA Soccer exists to equip local athletes to become active in their faith and transform their communities. Read More >

How does social media help reveal our deepest cravings? Read More >

According to the latest stats from the UN, around 2.7 billion people – 40 percent of the world's population – are on the Internet. Research from the Pew Foundation shows that 72% of North American adults use social networking and media to connect with others. People today are connecting more online now than in person. Read More >

For the newly appointed National Director of LeaderImpact at Power to Change, the vision of seeing leaders everywhere experiencing life to the full[1], both in Canada and around the world, is nothing short of “extremely exciting.” Starting March 1, 2014, Garth Jestley joins the organization after a lengthy career in investment management with the Middlefield […] Read More >

They say, “children are our future,” but one cannot neglect the current generation of young people who attend our country’s universities and colleges. Who will be there for them? In a world of constantly changing and competing values, or lack thereof, students more than ever need to have wisdom, a sense of direction in life, […] Read More >

In the famous words sung by Frank Sinatra, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.” The saying may be true, but it doesn’t mean relationships are that simple. In a society where families are torn apart, many people are confused, bitter, or even disillusioned with the prospect of true love. Feelings of […] Read More >

“My mission is ultimately about doing leadership – specifically developing leaders so that they can have maximum impact for the Great Commission,” says Rick Franklin... Read More >

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