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    You do not have to be a moral relativist to avoid moral dilemmas

    You may have been confronted with the story of the Nazi soldier coming to the door of the family who are hiding some Jewish people in their home and asking them point blankly, “Are there any Jews here?” The person telling the story then asks you, “What would you say?” or more precisely, “What should […] Read More >

    The Beginning of the Universe and God

    I am honored to have Dr. Kirk Durston do a guest blog for me. I think I am a reasonably intelligent person, but have you ever met someone who you know is smarter than you? Well for me that is my friend and colleague Kirk Durston. With a PhD in Biophysics and an MA in […] Read More >

    Why Me? Why Not Me?

    I have cancer – or at least I did and may still have it. I had my prostate removed a little over two years ago but the surgery did not get it all. I then had a month’s worth of radiation treatments that seems to have eliminated the remainder of the cancerous prostate cells. There […] Read More >

    “Spiritual Breathing” – The Key to My Spiritual Growth

    As I explained last post the first two years of my Christian life lacked any significant spiritual growth. This was a result of my own self-imposed ignorance. I did not allow anyone else to tell me what to do next. As a spiritual newborn not allowing anyone to feed me, I was in a state […] Read More >

    Why I Didn’t Grow Spiritually

    I’ve written in this blog about how, as a 2nd year university student, I heard Josh McDowell explain to me how I could be transformed from the inside out through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. But there is another significant event that has had a major part in radically changing my life. […] Read More >

    Is Jesus Dying for Your Sins Unjust & Immoral? (Part 2)

    One of the most significant moments of my life was when I understood that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross paid the penalty for all my sins – past, present & future. After all, I was told, when Jesus died, all my sins were in the future! If he didn’t pay for my future sins […] Read More >

    Is Jesus Dying for Your Sins Unjust and Immoral? (Part 1)

    Recently in discussions with some people who have an atheistic worldview, I have been particularly struck by comments they have made regarding something they see as a very bad element of Christianity, but which I think actually displays the magnificence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most people have heard the Christian view that Jesus […] Read More >

    Summer Vacation: Series Re-Post

    I am away for some vacation.  In the meantime, here are the links to my first series. I Do Not Like Blue Covers How Do You Know Objective Moral Values & Obligations Exist? Is Direct Awareness of Reality Just a Feeling? Are Intuitions for Real? Torturing Toddlers Read More >

    Ethics instruction at school – Moving from the “is” to the “ought”

    This is a guest post by Dr. Matthew Etherington (Ph.D. at OISE, Toronto). Dr. Etherington is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada. I recently finished reading a book called, Godless morality: keeping religion out of ethics by the former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway (2004). As an educational philosopher, I […] Read More >

    Truth Does Not Come in Degrees, but Confidence Does

    In a recent debate on God’s existence the atheist side claimed they had no idea what I meant when I said my three arguments for God are probabilistic in nature. In my last post,  I explained how the arguments were presented in the form known as ‘inference to the best explanation’, which means there can […] Read More >

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