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Is there any real right and wrong?

This is part 6 to a 7 part series: Questions About God - Canadian philosopher Michael Horner responds to seven of the most commonly asked questions about God and Christianity. Question 6: Is there any real right or wrong? What would you do if, during World War II, you were hiding some Jewish people in your home and a Nazi soldier came to your... >Full Story

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Questions About Life

You can look for answers to life’s questions in many places, but have you considered how Jesus can answer these questions for you? Question 1: How can I find purpose in my life? Imagine for a moment that you’re building a house. You hire a building contractor, but he never consults the blueprints drawn up by your architect, your designer....... >Read More

Rebel with a Cause

This is the story of a changed life, as told to Power to Change Ministries About the age of 15, something snapped inside me. Once easy-going and obedient to my parents, I became a rebel, fiercely asserting my independence. I grew my hair down to my shoulders, wore tattered jeans, and joined the many protest marches of the time. Perhaps... >Read More

I tried to be good enough

My parents divorced when I was four. My mom lavished attention on me. I grew up to be an open and social person. I could find a common language with almost any stranger. Acquaintances quickly became friends. There came a point where I began to notice my friends. They lied, cheated and betrayed me and each other. I protested, but... >Read More

Enduring Torture in a POW Camp

Profile on:  Brigadier General (ret.) Robinson Risner, veteran pilot If you fall off a horse, as the old saying goes, the best thing you can do is dust yourself off and get back on before you lose your nerve. Few people realize the truth of this adage better than Brigadier General (ret.) Robinson Risner of Austin, Texas. As a veteran pilot... >Read More

Understanding Your Relationship with Jesus Christ

This is part 1 to a 4 part series - Lessons for Christian Living The following four lessons will also help you think more clearly about your new relationship with God. Once you’ve completed these lessons, you may also want to talk to a minister or a Christian friend about these issues. You’ll soon discover that developing a relationship with...... >Read More

Marvelous Love

On a cold Christmas Eve in 1952, when Korea was in the throes of civil war, one young woman struggled along a village street, obviously soon to deliver a child. She pleaded with passersby, "Help me! Please. My baby." No one paid any attention to her. A middle-aged couple walked by. The wife pushed away the young mother and sneered, "Where's...... >Read More

Strange Road to Success

All my life, I wanted to be a head football coach of an NFL team more than anything else. At times, I even wanted it more than God or my family. I bought right into the world's game plan. In my eyes, being a head coach would give me all the things I wanted, things like money and prestige.... >Read More

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