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Letting Go Leads to Success

Profile: Jim Blankemeyer, Chairman of the Metokote  Corporation It’s no secret that starting your own company can be tough, sucking up all of your time, energy and attention and causing you to neglect other things, such as family and friends. That’s exactly what happened to Jim Blankemeyer, Chairman of the Metokote Corporation. Thankfully,... >Full Story

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A Banker Who Doesn't Love Money?

Profile on: Paul Lindholm, the owner of Security State Bank, among others. Most people’s mental image of a banker is similar to the group of old, pin-striped cronies on Mary Poppins who urged young Michael Banks to invest his “tuppence” rather than spend it. Fortunately, Paul Lindholm of Fergus Falls, Minnesota does not fit this stereotype...... >Read More

Abundance of Money and Keeping your Head on Straight

Profile on: Lavonne Kruse, determined to be successful. Can you imagine spending the first decade of your life thinking the woman who raised you was your mother, only to discover she was actually your grandmother? Perhaps the only thing that might shock you more would be discovering that your real mother was someone you had grown up believing...... >Read More

Practicing Law in a way that Serves Others

Profile on: Ed and Dorothy Sisam, Partners in their own law firm specializing in employment law. Their goal is to practice law in a way that is ethical, a way that serves others rather than perpetrating the vindictiveness that is often typical of the legal process. Not many people would consider becoming a lawyer in order to fight one. At... >Read More

How to Be Like Amelia Earhart

Don’t allow others to define you Earhart was praised after her Friendship flight, but she didn’t believe her press clippings. She looked for a way to earn that praise, and if she hadn’t, her name ­might have been forgotten a long time ago. Be honest with yourself Earhart wouldn’t allow herself to take credit for what Friendship...... >Read More

Baseball and Miracles

Profile on: Jerry Colangelo, Chairman/CEO Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks During press interviews prior to embarking on the now legendary 2001 World Series against the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks Chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo was asked what his prediction was for the outcome of the series. Jerry’s response was immediate. “I...... >Read More

Facing Bankruptcy

In 1979, three years after he had founded Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), Dr. Jim Leininger was facing the bugbear of entrepreneurs everywhere - bankruptcy. From the beginning An emergency room physician from San Antonio, Texas, Jim founded his company on an invention that had been inspired by his work: the Roto Rest bed, a critical care bed...... >Read More

What Gives Life Meaning After the First Million?

Profile on: Rob LaMorte, owner of investment consulting company Behavioral Economics, Inc. Becoming a millionaire by age 35 and then retiring pretty much sums up the American dream for many young entrepreneurs. However, what do you do for a second act? And what gives your life meaning once the quest for financial security and personal fulfillment...... >Read More

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