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God and the Big Bang: In the Beginning

Many people think that science and faith tell conflicting stories about how the universe began. But they might not be as different as you think. Scientists speak of a definite moment of creation in a vast cosmic explosion (the 'Big Bang'), which had to be carefully adjusted for human life to be possible. Far from conflicting, the scientific picture... >Full Story

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Physics: Life on a Razor's Edge

We live on a razor's edge. The attributes that make the earth liveable are that precise. The values of some basic physical constants have been keenly adjusted to make our lives possible. Tiny changes in these values would mean we could not be here at all. Why are things so finely balanced to make possible life on a razors... >Read More

God or the Multiverse?

Was our finely-tuned universe specifically designed for us? Our lives wouldn't be possible without that fine-tuning. Is this because it has been designed for us, or are there a huge number of universes, and one of them is bound to be right? Is it God's work or are we part of a multiverse? This is the fifth part of... >Read More

Here By Chance or is There a Deeper Story?

The universe is precisely adjusted for life. But what does this fine-tuning really mean? Many scientists agree we're not here by chance. Does it point to the reality of a creator God? Is there a deeper story? This is the last in a six-video series exploring how recent discoveries in astronomy and physics point to the reality of the... >Read More

Cosmic Fine-Tuning: Just Luck?

Are we just lucky to be here on earth? Our existence could be more than a lucky coincidence. What if our world wasn't just a happy accident? Does cosmic fine-tuning point towards a creator God? This is the third part of a six-video series exploring how recent scientific discoveries about cosmic fine-tuning point to the reality of a Creator. Watch...... >Read More

A Fine-Tuned Universe That's Right for Us

The universe we live in is exactly right for us. The only kind of universe that could sustain us is one that is fine-tuned for life. Should we be surprised that the universe is just right for us? This is the fourth part of a six-video series exploring how recent scientific discoveries point to the reality of the Creator. Next:... >Read More

Can God & Politics Mix?

Can God and politics mix?  Is blending them a recipe for suppressing freedoms, grabbing votes, or promoting the public good? God-talk has become popular among US politicians. Leaders contemplating faith-in-action would do well to look back two centuries to William Wilberforce, the famous British parliamentarian who led a grueling but bipartisan...... >Read More

How to Be Successful and Satisfied

Success is:______. How would you fill in the blank? "That's easy," you might say. "Success is ... for an athlete, winning the Super Bowl, the World Series, or a gold medal: for an entertainer, winning an Oscar, a Grammy, or an Emmy; for a businessperson, being a top executive with one of the Fortune 500 companies: for a university student,... >Read More

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